Watch Yellowstone's Cast Relive Jimmy's Tough Journey Ahead Of Season 3

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Jimmy has had a tough journey on Yellowstone. An original character that has been around since the beginning, Jimmy’s road has been filled with ups and downs. Okay, I will be honest -- a lot more downs. Things finally started looking up for Jimmy last season, and now the cast is looking back to relive that road ahead of Season 3.

When Yellowstone started, John Dutton agreed to give Jimmy a chance on the ranch. The opportunity included being one of the few to wear the ranch’s brand (a Y). In the high-stakes world of the Western, that basically means being bonded to the ranch and part of its family. As part of that, Season 3 could hold anything for Jimmy.

He joins Rip, Kayce, and (as of last season) Ryan, among others in wearing the brand. It is important to note that John’s son, Jamie, does not have one despite his actions. Take from that what you will. After reliving Rip and Beth’s most romantic moments, watch the cast share their takes on Jimmy’s journey ahead of Season 3, below:

What a ride! Jimmy has certainly been through it on Yellowstone. Will he be on the upside of things in Season 3? I hope so. Cole Hauser commemorated actor Jefferson White’s last day on set with a picturesque photo. Will victory over his past be part of Jimmy’s Season 3 scenery? Stay tuned.

The ranch’s future will face its own intriguing times in Season 3, which could put Jimmy’s future in upheaval yet again. Thanks to Lloyd, he does have his rodeo work to help him somewhat. One of the many things I found interesting in the Jimmy retrospective was Cole Hauser’s comments on Rip and Jimmy’s relationship on Yellowstone.

Rip tends to give Jimmy a hard time, so when he shows him some not-so-tough love, it is quite heartwarming. Take, for instance, in the video when Rip tells Jimmy “they” (those who have the brand) are his family. Still, I am hoping that Rip can thaw a little more where Jimmy is concerned in Yellowstone Season 3.

One thing not mentioned in the Yellowstone video is that Jimmy’s grandfather was threatened by meth dealers who were trying to extort Jimmy. Hence, his desire to get into the rodeo. Jimmy ended up discovering he had a secret skill, and thanks to Lloyd’s support, he won! That scene still gets me emotional!

Unfortunately, Jimmy’s grandfather ended up being murdered by the meth dealers even after Jimmy paid them. In retaliation, Rip agreed to help Jimmy avenge him, and they blew up the trailer with the meth dealers inside. Before it blew, Jimmy went back for the belt buckle he won, and they stole, earlier on Yellowstone. Meanwhile, on the ranch, Tate was getting kidnapped.

Thankfully, Tate was rescued in the finale. It just goes to show that anything can happen on Yellowstone at every turn. The series has already gotten renewed for a fourth season, so hopefully, the life and times of Jimmy will continue into it. For now, he has to survive Season 3!

Yellowstone will return after this winter and spring’s premieres. Jimmy's Season 3 journey, and the journeys of other characters, will start this June on Paramount Network. Yellowstone will be streaming on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock. Peacock launches for Comcast’s X1 and Flex subscribers on April 15 before going national on July 15.

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