Yellowstone Fans, Watch The 3 Most Romantic Beth And Rip Scenes Before Season 3's Premiere

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Yellowstone fans are in the midst of a drought of epic proportions as they await Season 3. Thankfully, Paramount Network cares, and fans voted for their favorite Beth and Rip “date” scenes (so far). As you probably suspected, they are romantic and will put thoughts of any threats to Beth and Rip’s relationship status out of your mind.

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, has teased what is next for Beth and Rip in Yellowstone's next season. Hauser described a “beautiful kind of romance” budding between the two characters. I am here for it! Is Season 3 here yet? Not quite. To help satiate you, enjoy this fantastic highlight reel of Rip/Beth scenes destined to warm your heart:

Are you still here or did you melt? Totally understand. First off, what an evolution between those three Yellowstone scenes? I love it! Beth and Rip’s easygoing chemistry gets a sweet moment in the brief clip that leads into the countdown of the top three. It is flirtatious and light-hearted. Hopefully, Season 3 gives shippers more of those.

The #3 scene is from Yellowstone’s first season. At that point, I wanted Rip and Beth to get together but was not sure it would happen. After the wild date shown in the clip, I was much more hopeful. In that scene, you get the sense that Beth and Rip are getting reacquainted as they explore their chemistry from long ago.

Did you notice that Beth pretty much told Rip that she loved him in that Yellowstone scene? She said that only the things she loves die, never her. Beth followed that by saying she was surprised that Rip was still standing. It sounds like love! It is pretty evident that Beth loves him. However, I am not sure she has ever formally said the words. Maybe in Season 3?

Maybe! In the second scene that Yellowstone fans voted for, Rip and Beth dance. Did you catch Beth’s reference to the music festival? Early in the first season, Rip suggested they go to one together. Beth was not into the idea at the time. I hope Season 3 sees that come full circle, and they actually attend one.

This brings us to the third Yellowstone scene, and it is an important one. It is the rooftop scene in the second season when Rip almost tells Beth that he loves her! He ends up doing so later in the episode and under grim circumstances. In the same installment, Rip saved Beth after she was viciously assaulted. Rip took two bullets in the process of rescuing her.

After saving Beth and trying to calm her down, Rip told her that he loved her. Will Season 3 see Beth say it back? Please, let Yellowstone last forever! The hit Western will return with a bevy of new characters, and among them will be Josh Holloway’s Roarke Carter. Yes, the fan-favorite Lost star is heading to Yellowstone.

Fans already got a pretty significant glimpse of Roarke meeting Beth in Season 3. Thus, leading to fears for a potential triangle. I have every confidence that Beth/Rip will end up winning the day. Yellowstone has made viewers wait for two seasons to see Beth and Rip make it Facebook official. Could Season 3 be the charm? Tune in to find out!

Yellowstone Season 3 will premiere after this winter and spring’s premieres this coming summer on Paramount Network. Peacock is set to be the streaming home of the series and, accordingly, Beth and Rip’s best moments. It launches for Comcast’s X1 and Flex subscribers on April 15. Peacock's national debut is on July 15. If (emphasis on if) Yellowstone is available on the first day, it could be watched then!

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