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Lost In Space Is Renewed But There's Bad News, Will Robinson

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Netflix launched another reboot of Lost In Space back in 2018, and viewers responded well to the reimagining of the classic series. Fortunately for those viewers, the streaming giant announced a renewal for Season 3 only a few months after the premiere of Season 2. There is bad news, however, for Will Robinson and Co. The third season, releasing in 2021, will be the last.

The news was announced via the show's official Twitter account, with a pretty out-of-this-world graphic to soften the news:

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Lost In Space may not be one of the many Netflix shows to be cancelled after only one season, but concluding after only three may not be what fans were hoping for, and not just because some fans thought the Lost in Space robot was surprisingly hot back when the series first premiered. That said, there are reasons viewers can make their peace with the upcoming end of the series, and not because consumers have been duped.

Lost in Space showrunner Zack Estrin has spoken out about the end of the series (also via Twitter), saying this:

From the beginning, we've always viewed this particular story of The Robinsons as a trilogy. A three part epic family adventure with a clear beginning, middle and end. It's also worth noting that, with what these characters go through just trying to survive each episode -- if anyone deserves to catch their breath before their next mission -- it's Will, Penny, Judy, Maureen, John, Don West, Dr. Smith... and The Robot. And, of course, Debbie the Chicken.

Zack Estrin went on to say that this chapter of Lost In Space is "coming to a rousing conclusion," and he's excited about "continuing to explore new stories" with Netflix and "all of the incredible possibilities" lying ahead. He doesn't say that fans should count on any of those incredible possibilities and new stories taking place in the Lost In Space world he has created on Netflix, but he also doesn't rule it out.

The showrunner's mention of the key cast members does raise the question of whether these characters are guaranteed to survive the series. They can't "catch their breath" if they've been killed off, right?

Lost In Space Season 2 released on Netflix back in late December 2019, when it was somewhat eclipsed by Witcher mania but still seemingly did well enough for the streamer to order the third and final season to complete the trilogy.

That said, the wait between the release of one season and the renewal for the next was longer between Season 2 and Season 3 than between Season 1 and Season 2. Lost In Space debuted on April 13, 2018 and was renewed for Season 2 by May 14, 2018. The renewal for Season 3 after the late December Season 2 was considerably longer. At least the wait didn't end in a cancellation!

Neither Netflix nor the Lost In Space Twitter account announced when exactly Season 3 will debut, but it will be at some point in 2021. Whether or not that puts Lost In Space up against The Witcher again remains to be seen. For now, you can always watch and rewatch the first two seasons of Lost In Space streaming on Netflix, or one of the many new series that have premiered on the streamer in 2020 so far.

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