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The life and crimes of Ozark's Byrde family have been captivating a robust audience for a while now, so it makes sense that the series has made it to Season 3. Still, the question remains as fans await word on a renewal for Season 4: how popular has the latest installment been on Netflix?

Thanks to Netflix’s recently added top ten feature, subscribers get a daily idea of how popular a new series or movie is. That said, there is nothing quite like knowing the raw numbers, and that is where Nielsen comes in. THR reports that Ozark Season 3 averaged 8.7 million viewers in its first ten days on Netflix.

The good news about Ozark’s popularity did not end there. Nielsen also reported that 16.4 million watched a few minutes of Season 3. Meanwhile, Netflix reportedly anticipates 29 million member accounts worldwide to tune in during its first month. In case you missed it, Netflix’s new metric for a “view” counts as a piece of content being viewed for two minutes.

Both of those numbers bode well for the crime drama, which returned with Wendy’s brother, Ben. The introduction of the character played by Tom Pelphrey led to a lot of interesting developments behind and in front of the camera. Apparently, it all worked with Ozark gaining some impressive ground over its previous season.

Season 3 was up 74% from the ratings of its predecessor season, which garnered 5 million compared to Season 3’s 8.7 million. While a telling sign of Ozark’s popularity, the question has to be asked. How does Season 3 stack up against the likes of pop culture phenomenon Tiger King?

The buzzy docuseries garnered a stunning 34.3 million unique viewers during its first ten days, according to Nielsen. There is good news in the competition between the two series. As of April 23, Netflix shows Ozark beating out Tiger King for the number six spot on its top ten in the United States. Tiger King is currently in seventh place.

Still, neither Ozark Season 3 nor Tiger King are on track to garner the largest worldwide audience. That honor belongs to Money Heist’s fourth installment. No matter its worldwide total, it is an excellent sign that Ozark has managed to increase its audience by such a large margin.

Season 3 is certainly putting up a strong enough number to further Ozark’s case for renewal. Netflix usually takes around a month to reveal what it has decided on that front. Look no further than You for proof of that.

Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy has previously said that the series could span anywhere from four to five or seven seasons. Adding to the critical point is that ahead of its recently released outing, Ozark’s showrunner revealed that he is already preparing its series finale.

Will the ratings for Season 3 be enough for the favorite among Netflix subscribers to return? Its current popularity can't be hurting. Ozark certainly left fans with a lot to contemplate as they await word on its potential return.

Season 3 of Ozark is now streaming on Netflix, along with its previous two seasons and more 2020 arrivals. As you wait for the streaming giant to unleash word on a renewal, check out this spring’s premieres to pass the time.

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