How Mark Hamill Feels About Boba Fett Returning For The Mandalorian

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Mark Hamill has had a lot to say about Star Wars and, accordingly, its live-action Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, lately. So, what does the Star Wars legend think about The Mandalorian’s recent casting buzz surrounding Boba Fett? In case you missed it, word has it that Boba Fett is returning for The Mandalorian Season 2.

As avid Star Wars fans know, Boba Fett seemed to meet his death in The Return of the Jedi, which Mark Hamill memorably starred in. Like many fans who are probably wondering how it could be possible, Hamill is equally as curious as to how Boba Fett could be returning for The Mandalorian, considering that The Mandalorian’s first season took place five years after Return of the Jedi. Hamill told ET:

I thought he was a decade into getting digested at this point. There’s so many ways they can go and John Favreau and Dave Filoni are both the right people for the job. They know it better than I do.

Mark Hamill, like several other fans, seems to be struggling with what appears to be an obvious timeline issue. The show takes place at a point in time that should mean Boba Fett has been dearly departed for a while, just like we know the timeline of The Mandalorian means that “The Child” (better known as the product-inspiring Baby Yoda) is not actually Yoda as a baby.

That was a theory that Jon Favreau was able to discount using the timeline, which puts The Mandalorian in a time period well after the original Yoda’s death. The same situation would seem to apply to Boba Fett. But, executive producer Dave Filoni indicated that the possibility for Boba Fett to return was there. Maybe he survived. Where does all this leave Mark Hamill?

The Star Wars veteran is not sure about the mechanics of how on earth Boba Fett could still be among the living. However, Mark Hamill trusts The Mandalorian’s creator, Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni, to figure it all out. They must have done just that, as Favreau previously said that Boba Fett would not appear on the Disney+ series.

Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in 2012’s Attack of the Clones, will reportedly take on the role of Boba Fett in The Mandalorian’s second season. While fans are undoubtedly enthused about Boba Fett putting in an appearance in Season 2, they should not expect to see a whole lot of him, as his role is said to be small.

Mark Hamill has had some great things to say about The Mandalorian. So, it will be interesting to see if he weighs in after Boba Fett makes his debut on the Disney+ series. By then, fans will know more about how exactly he has managed to make his return and what it will mean for Season 2. Exciting!

You can check out Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker via Disney+. It is one of the movies that Disney+ added early to its slate. The Mandalorian is currently set to return for its second season (and first with Boba Fett) in October 2020, after this summer’s premieres.

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