Yellowstone Season 3 Newcomer Josh Holloway Reveals He'll Be A 'Threat’

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Yellowstone is about to get even more exciting. Before the previous season of Yellowstone even premiered, fans knew that Josh Holloway had joined the cast of the hit Western. Now the Season 3 newcomer is revealing that he will be a “threat” when the show returns.

As you may or may not know at this point, Josh Holloway will be playing Roarke Morris, whose original surname was said to be Carter. Regardless, Holloway is on his way, and as the Season 3 trailer teased, he will figure heavily into Yellowstone’s next chapter. Teasing Roarke, Holloway told TV Insider:

Roarke is no stranger to cruel tactics[.] He's used to dealing with business on both sides of the law. He's definitely a threat.

The Duttons had to deal with the Beck brothers last season, and Roarke by no means comes across as villainous as that troubling twosome. Roarke will be wading into dangerous waters by going up against the Duttons. As one of the previously released clips from Season 3 revealed, Yellowstone will have Beth and Roarke on a collision course.

Josh Holloway teases that there will be something between the pair. For fans who want Rip and Beth’s relationship to remain strong, it may be a somewhat bumpy road. As that clip mentioned above showed, there is an undeniable connection. Holloway teases that his new Yellowstone character and Beth will experience some sparks, saying:

Beth is emasculating to most men. That doesn't scare Roarke[.] There's a spark, even though they are on opposite sides.

Brace yourselves, Yellowstone fans, because this sounds like something game-changing. Just when Beth and Rip seemed indestructible, or at least moving towards some solid ground, in comes Roarke. The trailer for Season 3 indicated that Roarke would be able to hold his own against Beth’s one-liners, so that is an impressive feat.

In related Yellowstone news, Josh Holloway hints that his character is used to the dual nature that the Duttons have periodically embraced to save their own. Roarke apparently knows a thing or two about working illegally and legally, which led Holloway to assess him as a threat. I can bet that Beth will see him that way too in Season 3.

As for Beth’s brother, Kayce, do not expect him and Roarke to cross paths during the latter’s time on Yellowstone. Luke Grimes previously said that he and Josh Holloway did not film any scenes together in Season 3. I join Donnie Wahlberg in being extremely excited to see how all of the contents of Season 3’s trailer will play out.

Josh Holloway is an excellent actor, and Yellowstone has already been renewed for another season. I really hope that whatever transpires in Season 3, Holloway and Roarke will be able to stick around. The show can only benefit from having him around to shake things up. Roarke will definitely be spending some time with Jamie, so it is going to be interesting.

Watch Josh Holloway make his Yellowstone debut when the third season premieres this Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, on Paramount Network. Season 3 is one of this summer’s premieres. If you want to refresh your memory on the Western (so far), Yellowstone will be streaming on NBCUniversal’s upcoming service, Peacock. It launches nationally on July 15.

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