The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Has Hopeful Words For Fans Hoping To See More Versions Of Wells

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If you're hoping to see more versions of Wells on The Flash, Tom Cavanagh has some hopeful words for you. The actor has played Harry, H.R., Sherloque, and Nash Wells, among others, during his time on The Flash. Is Cavanagh ready to take on another persona, and is that even possible?

Tom Cavanagh weighed in on the Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast, saying:

Here's what's ridiculous about doing a superhero comic show: I run into people like you and I'm just so inferior with my knowledge. You know more than me. I'm not exaggerating. I'm not trying to play dumb. I understand by listening to you that you have a better grasp of the whole thing than I do. I feel like, as you guys know when you do a long-running television show, if there needs to be another Wells, there can be another Wells.

If the need (and interest) is there, it will happen. At least, that is my takeaway from what Tom Cavanagh is saying about his future as a new character on The Flash. It is sweet to see Cavanagh acknowledge other people’s in-depth understanding of The Flash and its mythos. While he is humble in what he says he knows, Cavanagh has shared on-point insight into STAR Labs’ horrible security issues. As for tackling another persona, Cavanagh is no stranger to questions about there being a new Wells.

Ahead of Season 4, Tom Cavanagh hinted at exploring the possibility of more Wells, and it happened. Time will tell if Season 7 sees more Wells join the heroes on The Flash. It is probably important to remember that the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” led to some vast changes. The Mirrorverse is still a thing, for one!

The storytelling of the superhero drama is set to get changed up yet again for Season 7.Last season saw production end three episodes shy of where it initially intended to conclude due to the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of that should be felt throughout the upcoming season. Speaking of which, The Flash and some of its fellow CW series are returning to production sooner than expected.

Whatever the situation is with Wells, fans can count on the arrival of a long-awaited villain in Season 7. Godspeed is coming! Fans saw him pop up in a one-off installment, but he will be returning down the road. Will Godspeed somehow meet up with another version of Wells? If there is a need for it, Tom Cavanagh thinks there could be more.

You can watch Tom Cavanagh play the various forms of Wells by streaming the series on Netflix. The superhero show is there along with lots of new 2020 content. The Flash is currently slated to return for Season 7 after this fall’s premieres in January 2021, so stay tuned.

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