Lucifer Season 5B Could Make It To Netflix A Lot Sooner Than Expected

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Lucifer returned to Netflix with the first half of its fifth season last month, and fans who have already binged it are undoubtedly anxious for it to return. Now, as it turns out, Season 5B could make it to Netflix a lot sooner than expected. Like many of its fellow TV shows, Lucifer had to halt production on its current season when the coronavirus shut down the entertainment industry.

The shutdown meant Lucifer not finishing filming the last episode of Season 5. The incomplete finale presumably meant that the second half of Season 5 (or Season 5B) could not be released. Now, TVLine reports that Lucifer will resume production on Thursday, September 24, to complete its Season 5 finale, and begin work on Season 6.

This filming development has the potential to allow Season 5B to premiere much sooner than expected with the full run of episodes At this time, there is no confirmation of that, though. Interestingly, the conclusion of Season 5B was initially supposed to be the end of Lucifer, period. However, Netflix rethought this unpopular decision and decided to bring the cult-favorite back for a sixth and final round.

Now, fans have the remainder of Season 5 and the entirety of Season 6 to look forward to watching. Let the twists and turns of Lucifer commence! Fans should be used to Lucifer dealing with curveballs throughout the series, which of course started on Fox before its first cancellation. Whatever waits in the remaining episodes of Season 5 will hopefully be worthwhile, especially after the news that the season would be split into two parts.

Tom Ellis’ announcement came after the exciting news that Season 5 had been expanded. At the time, the uplifting development came under the grim banner that the fifth season was still slated to be Lucifer’s last. The reports of resumed production on Season 5B may mean answers about how that Michael twist plays out will come sooner rather than later.

Fans have a lot to look forward to when the back half of Season 5 enters the equation. Among the things to anticipate is a musical episode that Tom Ellis is super excited for fans to see.

Lucifer potentially returning to production on Season 5 before the end of the month makes it one of several trying to get back into gear. Hopefully, it has been a better adjustment behind-the-scenes for Lucifer’s cast and crew than it has been for Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart. You have to take the good with the bad, I suppose.

Season 1 through Season 5A of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix. The first half of the season has been one of the many new arrivals this year. Season 5’s last half and Lucifer’s sixth and final season should arrive well after this fall’s premieres, so stay tuned for a premiere date.

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