Yellowstone Season 4 Rumor Would Set Up Surprising Reveal For The Duttons

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Giddy-up, Yellowstone fans! There is a Season 4 rumor that could set up a surprising reveal for the Duttons when the hit drama returns. As viewers are well aware of at this point, the Kevin Costner starrer left off with a four-way cliffhanger that saw four characters’ fates put in significant jeopardy. Thus leading to the question on many minds: Who survived the finale?

The Season 4 premiere is the only way that fans will, in all likelihood, learn that answer for sure. Until then, there is a Redditor who claims to have inside knowledge, which you should take with a grain of salt. According to Express, they claim that their friend is an extra, and they report that Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes will all reprise their roles when Yellowstone comes back.

The Redditor added that Beth would apparently suffer from some shell shock of sorts after nearly getting blown up. I would say that is an appropriate response to almost losing her life (again). If this rumor is true, it means that Yellowstone will not lose any of its central characters to the finale when Season 4 starts, a not entirely surprising conclusion considering how integral they all are to the show.

Considering Kevin Costner’s comments regarding Yellowstone production for Season 4, his potential participation would not be a huge shock. Costner strongly indicated that he would be around for the fourth season, despite his initial reluctance to star in the hour-long drama. But, Yellowstone losing Kevin Costner as its star never seemed like a realistic prospect to begin with, which left Costner’s on-screen children as potential carnage.

Kayce and Beth Dutton are integral to the family, and Yellowstone is nearly impossible to fathom without them. To me, Beth’s fate seemed far more precarious than her brother’s heading into Season 4, as Kayce had a fighting chance to survive the ambush he faced. After all, he is a US Navy SEAL. On paper, he looks safer than Beth. Meanwhile, John’s cellphone seemed to save the grouchiest Dutton.

As for Beth, fans became concerned after possibly reading too much into one of Kelly Reilly’s social media posts, and this development raised the alarm on Beth’s fate a bit, although I believe she will probably be okay. Reilly’s Beth is a massive (emphasis on massive) part of the show, and Yellowstone without her zingers would be a daunting plot twist for Season 4 to handle.

All in all, fans would be safe to take this rumor with proper precautions. On a side note, how impressive is it that Yellowstone is now the subject of Reddit rumors? That is some Game of Thrones level relevance going on there. No wonder the two share such a strong connection! Unfortunately, the Redditor did not reportedly mention the fate of Jefferson White’s Jimmy, so stay tuned.

Whether another Redditor is right about Jamie’s biological father being behind the attempt on John’s life is another theory to speculate about in the meantime. As is how shaken up Beth could be in Season 4. If she is, it could add another layer to her, and I am all for Kelly Reilly getting a shot at that. Yellowstone returns for Season 4 sometime after this fall’s premieres, hopefully in 2021.

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