Could The Queen's Gambit Season 2 Happen On Netflix? Here's What Anya Taylor-Joy Says

the queen's gambit netflix season 2

Based on the 1983 book by Walter Tevis, The Queen’s Gambit was adapted into a limited series for Netflix and it quickly rose to the number one spot on the streamer’s top 10 most-watched list with its first week of viewing. Similar to many adaptations, The Queen’s Gambit being based on one novel means that its creators wrapped up the story in seven episodes with seemingly no plans to return for a Season 2. However, series star Anya Taylor-Joy isn’t so quick to dismiss any plans for another season.

When HBO’s Big Little Lies debuted, no one expected the series to get another season (and possibly a third). After all, carrying the drama into Season 2 would surpass the novel it was based on. The same would also be the case if The Queen’s Gambit went forward with Season 2. The series is clearly billed as a limited series, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more story left to tell if the opportunity arises. While the series has not officially been renewed by Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joy believes there’s always a chance for Season 2. Here’s what she told Town & Country:

If I've learned anything from being in this industry, it's never say never. I adore the character, and I would certainly come back if I was asked to, but I do think we leave Beth in a good place. I think the rest of her life will surely be an adventure as well, but in the quest that she goes on in this to find some form of peace, just some form of being able to be happy with who she is. I think it ends in a nice place.

“Never say never” does seem to be the Hollywood motto, and I think it’s apt because nothing is impossible when it comes to returning shows. The Queen’s Gambit may be over, but I’m sure viewers wouldn’t mind seeing Anya Taylor-Joy’s Beth and the rest of the characters again. That said, the Netflix series does end in a pretty good place (it’s also where the book ended, too) and it might be strange to pick back up with the story after it came to its natural conclusion.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s co-star, Harry Melling, has thoughts on a potential Season 2 which are also in line with her feelings about the show’s future. He thinks another season would be good and all, but he doesn’t know if it’s possible. Still, Melling believes that “stranger things have happened.” Meanwhile, executive producer William Horberg adds that he and the writers have “had a lot of fun” discussing a potential future for The Queen’s Gambit.

However, Horberg thinks that the limited series ended in a beautiful way, and he would rather the audience decide what will happen to the characters after the credits rolled. For now, The Queen’s Gambit has not been renewed for a second season, and it will probably be up to the folks at Netflix and the creatives behind the series to make a decision regarding Season 2.

Until then, The Queen’s Gambit Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. For more on what to watch on both network TV and streaming, be sure to check out our updated 2020 fall premiere schedule.

Mae Abdulbaki