Bachelorette Spoilers: Tayshia's First Rose Ceremony, Contestant Feuding And More

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Warning! Potential Spoilers ahead for Season 16 Episode 6 of The Bachelorette. If you haven't caught up, look away lest ye not be gifted a rose!

Bachelor Nation! Tayshia Adams is now going into her second week as our official star of The Bachelorette, and with no more of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss hanging around the Palm Springs resort, we can finally focus all of our attention on the new lovely lady in charge. Tayshia is a benevolent leader, so she decided to forgo the rose ceremony when she first arrived, in order to get to know her suitors better. But, now a new day has dawned, and it's time for her to send some dudes home, and we've got spoilers on that, some contestant feuding and more!

Alright, so according to Reality Steve, tonight's episode begins with the group date we saw teased last week, a little something that will apparently be called the "Grown Ass Man Challenge." The gents will compete in challenges which someone deems appropriate for determining who among them is truly a "grown ass man," and these include serving Tayshia breakfast in bed, winning tug of war, and proving you went to school at least a little by doing math and spelling words.

Our Harvard-boasting, preppy king Bennett Jordan turns out to be not so good at the spelling and math side of things, but must rock out hard on the other challenges, because he comes away with the Grown Ass Man Award, while also-ran Ed Waisbrot manages to whiff the whole thing. Ed is given the Man Child Award and then tasked with carrying around a baby doll until, well, we're not sure. Until the Palm Springs heat melts it onto his hands, I suppose. But, neither of them come out on top, as Ivan Hall nabs that group date rose in the end.

At any rate, the group date after party leads to some beef between the guys, with Ed and Chasen Nick getting into it. As Reality Steve reports, Ed feels as though Chasen isn't there for the right reasons (So, not to become an influencer, I guess?), and calls him a load of bad names, noting how he thinks Chasen is also simply repeating things to Tayshia which he'd already said to Clare. This continues into the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, with Tayshia having to pull Chasen aside and him admitting that he may have been "too aggressive."

Then, we get our first official Tayshia rose ceremony, and she sends home two of the men who were added right after she arrived to look the guys over: Peter Giannikopoulos and Montel Hill. Nice knowing ya, boys! The night's events aren't over yet, as we've got another group date on tap, with the suitors getting some training from women in UFC and the WWE so that they can have actual, oiled-up matches against one another, and will serve as yet another opportunity to get the menfolk in their skivvies (or, nearly so) this season.

Can you guess who's included on this date? That's right! Chasen and Ed are both here, and Mr. Nick is pretty good at this, because he wins every match until he finally comes up against his new nemesis, Ed. But! Ed claims he dislocated his shoulder and can't engage in any fisticuffs, so with the other guys who aren't on the date watching, Noah "The Mustache" Erb steps up to the plate from the audience.

Now, even though Chasen beats Noah, all the guys who were on the date get pissy because Noah wasn't really invited to this party, and lost, but he still managed to get the attention of our fair Tayshia. To make matters worse, she even lets him attend the group date after party, and then gives him the group date rose. All of which, I can only assume, will mean that Noah will be on everyone's shit list for at least one more episode.

We can all tune in, Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. EST to see how Tayshia's time on The Bachelorette continues. For more on what to watch in the meantime, check out our guide to fall TV!

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