Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Cast Cordell's BFF But It's Sadly Not Jensen Ackles

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Supernatural has officially been done-zo for around three weeks now, but it still doesn't feel quite like reality just yet. Helping to solidify that show's farewell in fans' minds is co-star Jared Padalecki is working hard on The CW's upcoming Walking, Texas Ranger reboot. The western-leaning drama has been making regular casting announcements in recent weeks, and now we know who will be playing Cordell Walker's best friend in the new show, but the producers sadly didn't get Jensen Ackles to agree to take the role. No Sam and Dean reunions just yet!

Okay, so it would have been strange had Walker's producers paired Jared Padalecki with Jensen Ackles again so soon after Supernatural ended, but considering they spent 15 seasons together, their natural chemistry would override any strangeness. In any case, though, Walker opted not to try and lure Ackles away from his role as Soldier Boy on The Boys, and instead officially cast Blood & Treasure vet Matt Barr to Season 1.

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Matt Barr is joining The CW's Walker as the character Hoyt, though viewers shouldn't expect to see him in each and every single episode. The actor was cast in a recurring capacity, so he'll likely be showing up when the story calls for it the most. Described (seriously) as a "Lone star lothario" and as "Hill Country's Han Solo" (via EW), Hoyt is indeed a best friend to Jared Padalecki's Cordell Walker, but it's not all rainbow cattle prods.

Apparently Hoyt and Walker's friendship won't be the smoothest one, as they're described as being on opposite sides of the law. Something tells me Hoyt better not push Walker's buttons too hard, or he'll end up on the wrong side of a cell door.

Matt Barr has most recently served as a lead for CBS' action-adventure Blood & Treasure, whose return for Season 2 was thwarted by all things COVID-19. Audiences might also recognize him from past roles on shows such as One Tree Hill, Harper's Island, Hatfields & McCoys, Sleepy Hollow and Valor.

Once Jared Padalecki was confirmed to take on the titular role, The CW's Walker reboot went into major casting mode to get all the other characters filled out. The series currently boasts Supergirl vet Odette Annable as one of Walker's old friends, Grey's Anatomy actor Alex Landi as Walker's future brother-in-law Bret, Pretty Little Liars' Keegan Allen as the main character's brother Liam, The 100's Lindsey Morgan as Walker's partner on the job, as well as the lead actor's real-life wife Genevieve Padalecki, who will appear in flashbacks as Walker's late wife. No word yet on if Chuck Norris will be stopping by for a cameo, but we're hoping for that as much as we're hoping for Jensen Ackles to pop in.

Walker is set to debut on The CW on Thursday, January 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET, just before the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere of Legacies. While waiting to see how the show compares to Chuck Norris' original, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring TV 2021 schedule to see all the new and returning shows heading to primetime and beyond soon.

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