Bridgerton Star Who Started Netflix Season 2 Production Rumors Explains What Really Happened

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I think we all know by now that Bridgerton was a huge success for Netflix. The series debuted toward the end of 2020, and quickly sent viewers into quite a Regency-inspired tizzy with all of its attractive cast members, Taylor Swift-scored sexytimes and several romantic tales which helped fans stay warm through a tough winter. As such, we're all eagerly awaiting Season 2 of the hit drama, but now star Luke Newton has had to explain himself after starting a rumor about production on Bridgerton's next season.

Anyone who's completed Season 1 of Bridgerton (and I certainly hope you have by now) will know Luke Newton as the third oldest Bridgerton, Colin. While that character was known to follow his heart, possible without thinking things all the way through, his portrayer did something similar in mid-March, when he posted about the show's production on Instagram, and seemed to imply that Season 2 was already filming. While at a panel earlier this week held by the Screen Actors Guild (via Deadline), however, Newton decided to come clean about it, and said:

I must set the record straight. We haven’t actually started yet…But everyone individually is getting ready and psyched up for Season 2.

Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Newton! Even though posting some nice behind the scenes shots of himself and his fellow cast members with the caption "the boys are back in town" wasn't meant at all to confuse fans, the wonderful truth is that so many people are champing at the bit for new Bridgerton action that hardly anyone noticed the hashtags Newton added right after his caption, which clearly stated that the photos were throwbacks to Season 1.

What can you do, right? Many fans were likely disappointed to realize that they'd overestimated the production start date of Bridgerton Season 2, but at least we know how excited the cast and crew are to get back to work and bring us more soapy, beautifully-attired, romance-filled drama. And, some of this is guaranteed to involve Luke Newton's Colin Bridgerton.

Colin fell hard and fast for Marina Thompson in Season 1, and was convinced by the young woman to elope. But, thanks to Lady Whistledown getting wind of the planned secret nuptials (for obvious reasons if you've watched), Marina's pregnancy was revealed to all just in time for him to be heartbroken. While he told Marina he would have married her if she'd only told him the truth, Colin was so devastated by her deception that he decided to decamp to Greece so that he could enjoy some adventures.

We'll all be able to see what Luke Newton's Colin and the rest of the family get up to when Bridgerton Season 2 hits Netflix in the (hopefully) near-ish future. Until then, check out what you can watch in the meantime with our 2021 TV premiere guide!

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