Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Apparently Got Divorced Almost A Year Ago, But News Is Just Coming Out Now

Rick being interview on Pawn Stars

There are stars that are scrutinized and captured in public in all moments. Then there are other stars, who despite a level of fame and popularity, get away with being a little less front and center in the spotlight. Such is apparently true for Pawn Stars head honcho Rick Harrison, who got divorced back in 2020... and fans are just now learning the news almost a year later.

Back in July of 2020, apparently Rick Harrison and his wife Deanna Burditt filed for divorce in Clark County, Nevada -- where Harrison's Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is located. So, why did the couple split after nearly seven years of marriage? According to legal docs filed by Rick Harrison and obtained by TMZ, they simply were not remotely compatible anymore. The docs said:

[Our] tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage.

Sometimes reality couples manage to break up under-the-radar. OK maybe not if you are Christina El Moussa/Anstead/Haack; however, for example Storage Wars stars Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante managed to split without anyone really the wiser until they let people know around the time Season 13 aired. They'd even still been filming the show together following the break-up. Then, Shulz, of course, was charged with one count of domestic violence battery after an alleged incident at a bar. After that, news of their break-up was everywhere. The marriage dissolution of Rick Harrison and Deanna seems a bit more copacetic, though.

In fact, the divorce was over fairly quickly and smoothly, which may be one of the reasons the info is only coming out now. Reports indicate that Deanna asked for alimony in her response to the divorce filing, and she and the History star worked out an agreement in regards to that issue, property splits and more. The two were officially divorced by September of 2020, just under a year ago. Seemingly it happened quickly, quietly and painlessly, which is why perhaps the world did not take notice of the split at the time.

Rick Harrison’s wedding to Deanna Burditt was his third marriage, one that memorably came with their own bobbleheads. The Pawn Stars shop owner had briefly been married in the eighties to Kim Harrison, the mother of Corey from Pawn Stars and Adam. His second wife, Tracy is the mother of his son Jake. He and Deanna had no children together, though she had girls from a previous partnership. She was also previously twice divorced. If more info related to this topic breaks, we'll be sure to keep you updated. Although I wouldn't be shocked if this particular story rolled out as softly as it rolled in.

Jessica Rawden
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