The Lincoln Lawyer TV Show: 7 Quick Things We Know About The Upcoming Netflix Series

The Lincoln Lawyer

Holy revival, Batman! It really looks like we’re only seeing the beginning of Hollywood’s rebooting period, because the revivals don’t stop, won’t stop coming. Much like Hollywood, crime fiction author Michael Connelly is pretty familiar with reboots (or in this case, adaptations) of his work and he looks to be getting a new one hitting the TV screen in the near future. His The Lincoln Lawyer novels have already hit the big screen with Matthew McConaughey bringing his protagonist Mickey Haller to life, but it didn’t seem to be enough for fans or Hollywood.

Michael Connelly is the mind behind the world of Amazon Prime’s Bosch series (and technically, the upcoming spin-off) as well, and it’s only fitting that his same-universe series The Lincoln Lawyer would get the same series treatment. The thrilling detective novels centering on a lawyer taking cases in his Lincoln town car has been nabbed by Netflix for a series order to be released on their streaming platform. Here is what we know to be true about the upcoming series:

The Magnificent Seven star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Will Take Over Matthew McConaughey’s Lead Role Of Mickey Haller

Fans of the 2011 film adaptation of Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer, or fans of Matthew McConaughey in general, may be disappointed to learn that McConaughey will not be reprising his role of Mickey Haller in the upcoming series. Not to worry too much, though, because Haller is in good hands. The Magnificent Seven star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will be taking the lead in the Netflix production. Garcia-Rulfo has acted opposite some pretty A-List names like Ryan Reynolds and Jason Momoa, and he is a proven, yet low-key, star.

While Matthew McConaughey has a very distinct style both on and off screen, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s take on Mickey Haller will be an opportunity to explore the character in a new way. With the change in lead we are pretty much guaranteed a whole vibe change for the series - at least compared to the film adaptation.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

The Show Will Honor The Latinx Roots Of The Lincoln Lawyer’s Main Character

One aspect of the upcoming series that bibliophiles may love is the fact that protagonist Mickey Haller will get back to his roots that the film adaptation bypassed. By casting Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, a Mexican actor, as the lead, Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer series will honor the Latinx ethnicity fans who have read the novels will recognize. Haller is of Mexican descent from his mother’s side and Garcia-Rulfo is described by Michael Connelly as the “ideal” person to portray the character while remaining loyal to the way he was written.

Matthew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer

This Is The Second Attempt For A Series Adaptation For The Lincoln Lawyer

While there has already been a big budget film adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer, fans apparently could have already had a series in their grasp if everything had gone to plan. Netflix’s upcoming series is not the first attempt at adapting Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer novels as CBS had plans to bring Mickey Haller to the small screen. According to Deadline, a pilot had been greenlit but COVID shut down production just a few days before it was set to start. The original series had a different lead in mind with Logan Marshall-Green, but the creative team pretty much has remained the same in the transition.

The Lincoln Lawyer license plate

The Series Will Be Based On Michael Connelly’s Second Lincoln Lawyer Book, The Brass Verdict

If fans were concerned about having to sit through a replay of the same case as Matthew McConaughey’s Mickey Haller, they needn't have fear. While the 2011 film tackled the first book in Michael Connelly’s 6 novel series, Netflix’s series adaptation will be based on the second in the series. The Brass Verdict features a completely different story line that fans of the 2011 film have not seen on screen. While it may appear strange for the show to pick up after the original novel takes place, it works out pretty well as Connelly’s second novel brings a new start to Haller’s law career with a whole new caseload.

Matthew McConaughey in court in The Lincoln Lawyer

There Will Be 10 Episodes In The First Season

Sometimes you just need more time than a feature length film allows to tell a story right, and the next best thing to the actual novel is a series with some length. Netflix’s series adaptation is set for 10 episodes for the first season, and each episode will be an hour in length. With the series confirmed to be 5 times as long as the 2011 film, fans can expect to be brought further into Mickey Haller’s world and twisting plot.

Neve Campbell

The Lincoln Lawyer Cast Includes Neve Campbell, Reggie Lee, Jamie McShane, Becki Newton And More

At this point, the cast list for Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer series looks pretty stacked. According to Deadline, Scream franchise and House of Cards star Neve Campbell has signed on to the project as Mickey Haller’s ex wife Maggie McPherson, who also acts as District Attorney. She is joined by a number of proven TV stars like Bloodline’s Jamie McShane and Grimm’s Reggie Lee. Another leading lady and Haller divorcee will be played by Becki Newton; other TV vets such as LisaGay Hamilton, Jazz Raycole, and Angus Sampson will also appear recurring in Season 1.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Team Behind The Series Is Full Of Some Serious TV Talent

It would appear that it isn’t only on screen that The Lincoln Lawyer series has piled on the talent. Some pretty big names are leading the series; Goliath and Big Little Lies alums David E. Kelley and Ross Fineman are both acting as executive producers. Kelley is also a writer on the project. Running the show is Ted Humphrey, who both wrote and produced other shows like The Good Wife and Wisdom of the Crowd. In addition to showrunner, Humphrey also has the dual role of writer and producer for The Lincoln Lawyer.

It may not be long until The Lincoln Lawyer joins the long list of best shows to binge on Netflix, and while there has still yet to be a trailer released for the series adaptation for The Lincoln Lawyer, we're hopeful that the series will drop sometime later this year, or perhaps early next year. We'll have to wait and see when the show finds a spot among the upcoming Netflix TV premiere dates.

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