Forget Ms. Marvel, Stephen Amell Really Wants Ronda Rousey On Arrow

UFC champion Ronda Rousey is one of the most popular athletes in the world right now, despite the fact that she’s only been seen actually competing in the octagon for less than a half-hour in total, and people want to see more of her in other entertainment realms. Unsurprisingly, her badass nature has led many to champion her for roles in superhero projects, such as playing Captain Marvel, and now Arrow’s Stephen Amell and his co-stars have made it clear that they want Rousey to join their show, though Amell might be interested in more than that. Rawr and whatnot.

Members of the Arrow cast were on-hand during Dragon Con this past weekend, and the Q&A session saw one audience member telling those onstage that Rousey “ships Olicity,” which got everyone excited. (Amell even blurted out “I ship Rousey,” as a response.) When Amell was asked if there was a chance that the Furious 7 co-star could ever appear on Arrow, here’s how he answered.

Ronda Rousey can play…Ronda Rousey can replace me for an episode if she wants. Ronda Rousey can literally do anything she wants at this point…to me…to the show!

It sounds to me like Felicity should either be worried or, at the very least, suspicious, as there’s a good chance Amell would force the writers to give Oliver a roaming eye in Season 4 if Rousey would get brought in. Considering he’s kept his vigilante persona a secret from most of Star City, I don’t think a clandestine sexual relationship is something that’s outside of his wheelhouse.

That would mean that Ronda Rousey would actually be brought into the show in some capacity, which isn’t likely, but isn’t necessarily an impossibility. Who would she play, though? Perhaps one of new villain Damien Dahrk’s goons that eventually ends up in a romantic entanglement with Oliver? Or maybe one of Thea/Speedy’s friends that tries her hand at heroics, and then eventually ends up in a romantic entanglement with Oliver. The options, all of which conclude in the same way, are seemingly endless.

You can check out the whole panel in the video below, with the Rousey convo starting up at 29:19.

There’s already a ton of awesomeness coming to Arrow Season 4, as seen in the recently released trailer. Maybe we can start up a fan petition calling for Rousey to play Green Lantern after the midseason break? Maybe not? In any case, Season 4 will premiere on The CW on Wednesday, October 7.

Nick Venable
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