Watch Steve Harvey Make Bank Off His Miss Universe Mistake In New Commercial

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of American culture each year, and not just for the football. The commercials are always at least as entertaining as the gameplay. The ads that aired during Super Bowl 50 ranged from wonderful to weird, and one of the most memorable featured Steve Harvey yet again bringing his infamous Miss Universe flub back into the spotlight. Check it out!

It’s actually a pretty great commercial. Verizon has been airing ads based on unfortunate statistics taken from competitors, so it was fun to see T-Mobile pull one over on the other company. In fact, T-Mobile getting a win was probably more exciting than the Broncos vs. Panthers matchup. It was definitely funnier.

Steve Harvey's commercial is funny for more than just T-Mobile slamming Verizon during one of the most-watched events on television. Harvey once again profiting off of the attention from his mistake at the Miss Universe pageant proves that no embarassment is entirely unrecoverable for those in showbiz with a sense of humor. The memes and jokes that came out of the incident at Harvey’s expense were probably not as hilarious to Harvey as they were to the rest of us, and it’s hard to blame Harvey for wanting to capitalize on his infamy. Steve Harvey making bank thanks to a mistake that misled a young woman into believing that all of her dreams come true may leave a bit of a sour taste for some, but it's good to see him bounce back. Still, it's almost hard to believe that the commercial is a thing that happened. Twitter wasn’t exactly silent on the matter, and some of the incredulous tweets have been entertaining to watch hit the web.

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Congratulations to Steve Harvey, I guess. He still has people busting out the capslock more than a month after the Miss Universe flub. I can’t help but hope that Miss Colombia had better things to do than tune in to Super Bowl 50 last night. Hopefully, the success that has come out of the 2015 pageant fiasco won’t motivate Steve Harvey to make a spectacle of himself if he does indeed take on the hosting duties again in the future. This commercial was funny and absolutely worth a rewatch or two, but a repeat performance next year would not be nearly as laugh-worthy.

Of course, even if the Steve Harvey ad wasn’t the highlight of everybody’s commercial breaks, there were plenty of other ads that were just as unforgettable. The Mountain Dew ad featuring the puppy monkey baby is still one of the creepiest things that I have ever seen, but the Ryan Reynolds commercial featuring clones of the actor was a highlight. The heroin ad was distinctly less funnier than most of the others, but it was possibly the most striking of the night.

For a look back at the best of the best of the ads, check out our list of the ten most popular commercials from Super Bowl 50.

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