After Drew Scott Has A Baby, Jonathan Scott Has A+ Response When Asked If He And Zooey Deschanel Are Next

Among other fun facts to know about Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, there’s evidence the two twins have plenty in common, including their shared work lives. In other areas the two are dissimilar. For example, Jonathan’s a contractor while Drew’s into real estate. In addition, Drew Scott recently had a baby with wife Linda Phan while Jonathan isn’t married yet.  Given the fact the two are often lumped together, unsurprisingly when the two brothers were interviewed Jonathan Scott still got a baby-related question. His A+ response? 

In a recent interview, Drew was asked about his little one, Parker, after which ET followed up with a question for Jonathan. Scott was asked if he and his partner Zooey Deschanel might be following in Drew and Linda’s “footsteps” soon. The HGTV star dodged the question brilliantly, quipping,

Yeah, Drew and Linda just had this beautiful vacation, so we're thinking we'll follow their footsteps and have this nice vacation, too.

And that kids, is how you sidestep a question you don’t want to answer. The two initially met while filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke in 2019. Scott and Deschanel found their dream home in 2022, but the two aren’t engaged yet. In addition, Deschanel is raising two kids she had with ex-Jacob Pechenik and Scott seems to be helping out with that blended family arrangement swimmingly. While he and Zooey Deschanel have been together for a few years now, they haven’t spoken publicly about the potential for more kids.

Both stars are busy with their careers as well. The Elf star has roles like Harold and the Purple Crayon coming up. Meanwhile, Jonathan Scott is doing press for the new season of Celebrity IOU and still works on other HGTV projects like Property Brothers not to mention the myriad projects he produces. 

As for Drew Scott and his wife, the road to becoming parents wasn’t easy. The couple struggled to get pregnant for years and were open about the journey along the way. Linda Phan struggles with Graves Disease and deals with thyroid issues, so getting pregnant was a journey. Eventually, they settled on IVF to help bring baby Parker into the world. Drew Scott also spoke fondly about his son and how he’s been rapidly growing in recent months. 

Parker is awesome. So he’s 5 ½ months; he’s like almost half Linda’s height. He’s big.

Speaking of the aforementioned dream home, however, Jonathan Scott did divulge that he and Deschanel will be hosting the holidays for the first time, which should mark another big step for the couple. 

It's exciting, this will be the first Christmas of Zooey and I having it at our house, so we're going to host everybody.

Just in case you wondered, the 500 Days of Summer star will be doing the cooking for this momentous event. Drew, Linda and Parker will also be attending. So, it sounds like it will be one big family affair. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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