After Ending Social Media Feud With Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson, Kanye West May Be Seeking Help

A back-and-forth on social media played out in recent weeks between one former Hollywood couple. Kanye West made it abundantly clear that Kim Kardashian’s TikTok rules and co-parenting restrictions were not appreciated, which led to his ex-wife clapping back at him for the first time publicly on her own Instagram. It only got trickier when Kardashian's new boyfriend Pete Davidson got swept in the mix (i.e. that "Eazy" diss track), along with other celebs like Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, and Trevor Noah – prompting Instagram to temporarily suspend the rapper and the Grammys to pull his performance over the “concerning” behavior. Then, and only then, did a report surface that West was officially ending the feud. And it would seem the 44-year-old may be seeking help in the wake of his public comments. 

As much was indicated in the initial report about Ye ending the beef – specifically that he would refrain from public appearances and social media while seeking “somewhere to get better.” A more recent source for Page Six claims there is indeed truth to the matter because Kanye West’s team is looking for a behavioral treatment center “with a luxury component.” Reportedly, he wants to become “a better human and better dad” by checking himself in.

Technically, Kanye West has yet to return to posting on Instagram, and he skipped out on the 2022 Grammy Awards last weekend where he won two accolades. So perhaps he truly is attempting to change his ways of late, but whether or not an actual treatment facility is involved hasn’t been confirmed. A rep for the Grammy winner said on April 1 to Yahoo,

If you don’t hear it from his mouth, read it from his social media, or get it from a press release he approved it's simply false.

His rep added at the time that Ye in fact “monitors all headlines” about his family and himself on a daily basis. He stated that most of the rumors circulating around are “untrue” and compromise Kanye West’s co-parenting situation with Kim Kardashian. Nevertheless, West is also evidently “taking care of himself” and being a “creative genius” regardless of what gets said about him publicly.

Before the now-notorious feud seemingly ended outright, alleged leaked texts from Pete Davidson making the rounds suggested that he was fed up with his girlfriend’s ex. Shortly thereafter, Kanye West had insinuated that the SNL star could potentially get Kim K. “hooked on drugs.” Now, it’s all water supposedly under the bridge… The former Wests were in fact recently spotted playing nice at their 6-year-old’s soccer game.

Beyond their kids’ well-beings getting prioritized, other matters are now taking center stage. Kim Kardashian just walked the red carpet (without Pete Davidson by her side) for her family’s new Hulu show, The Kardashians. Davidson isn’t involved in its first season soon to drop, but given how Kim K and her mom shared that they are hoping for 20 seasons with the new project, it’s likely the comedian might show up at some point.

Meanwhile, it’s just as likely that Kanye West will be M.I.A. from the reality show, considering his well-known animosity toward Keeping Up with the Kardashians and, lately, Pete Davidson. He may or may not be too busy anyway, if he is seeking professional treatment and/or is still juggling a new relationship with a certain Kim Kardashian look-alike. To find out further what the actual Kim Kardashian has to say about her infamous ex-husband, the premiere episode of The Kardashians starts streaming on April 14 with a Hulu subscription.

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