Barry Season 4: Premiere Date, The Cast And Other Things We Know About The Upcoming Final Season

Bill Hader in the teaser for Barry Season 4.
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When it comes to some of the most popular HBO shows that are out there right now, one that always comes to mind is Barry. The show, starring Bill Hader, has been running for three seasons and has continuously received praise for its acting performances, its story, set design and everything else in-between, telling the story of a hitman who travels to Los Angeles and finds a new purpose in life. 

Well get ready, Barry fans, because Season 4 of the show is coming – and we have some things that you should know about. Here is what we know so far about Barry Season 4 – and what you should know too. 

What Is The Barry Season 4 Premiere Date?

Bill Hader in Barry.

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We can thankfully confirm that Barry Season 4 is set to premiere on Sunday, April 16th, 2023 on HBO. And unfortunately, it is going to be the final season of the show. Originally, we didn’t know if Season 4 was going to be the last season, but we can confirm that from a press release from HBO. 

According to Deadline, the show was renewed when Season 3 finished airing in June 2022, and we all had a feeling it was going to come within the next year or so. Now, we have confirmation of when during the 2023 TV premiere schedule – and just how long we’re going to have to wait for the final episode. I’m already getting sad. 

Barry Season 4 Will Be Its Last

Bill Hader on Barry.

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As we mentioned above, Season 4 of Barry is going to be the last season. While I know we are all crying on the inside, every good show must come to an end, and Barry was one that was always meant to end when Bill Hader felt like it was the right time. In an interview with Variety regarding the ending, Hader opened up about his reasoning as to why he’s ending the show, and just felt that there was a “very clear ending” that was presented to them. 

It was very much in the writing and the storytelling. I mean, a lot of people after last season were like, ‘Why are you doing another season? It should have just ended.’ But to me, there are still so many questions with the other characters, and with Barry — and there’s so many things unsaid. What happens in Season 4 is structurally radical in some ways, but it made sense for what I think the characters needed to go through, and what I think the whole show is always kind of headed towards. You realize, well, we could pad a lot of stuff, and just make story. But if we’re going forward, it ends in Season 4.

I’m already getting emotional thinking about the end. 

The Entirety Of The Barry Cast Is Returning

Sarah Goldberg on Barry.

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If you were worried about who was going to be back for Season 4 of the show, we can confirm that the whole entire cast for Barry Season 4 will be returning back for its final run. According to the press release from HBO, it’s been confirmed that obviously Bill Hader is coming back, but the rest is also returning. 

This includes Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, and Robert Wisdom. Also returning as recurring guest stars are Michael Irby, Fred Melamed, Andrew Leeds, Patrick Fischler and Jessy Hodges. 

Check Out The Teaser For Barry Season 4

Bill Hader in the teaser for Barry Season 4.

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If you’re interested in seeing the trailer for Barry Season 4, we have you covered. It features Barry looking like he is in jail, along with several other intense scenes that point to a very action-packed and exciting final season. 

Barry Will Pick Up Right Where It Left Off In Season 3

Bill Hader on Barry.

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If you were wondering what exactly is going to go down in Season 4 of Barry, we do have some plot info on what is going to happen. According to that press release from HBO, the beginning of Season 4 opens up with Cousinaeu looked at as a hero after the events of Season 4, and Barry is “facing the consequences” of his actions. What does that mean exactly? Well, according to that Variety interview above, it simply means this – Barry is in prison, according to Hader, so Season 4 already isn’t looking like a great time for everyone’s favorite main character. 

The Fourth Season Will Have Eight Episodes

Henry Winkler in Barry.

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Like every season before it, Barry Season 4 is set to only have eight episodes, according to the Deadline article above. While I’m sure we all wished that some of these shows would have 25+ episode seasons like the days of Friends or even on some of the best CW shows, I think that keeping the episodes capped at eight will make sure that the story of Barry is effectively told. 

Even so, that doesn't mean I don't want more Barry. I suppose I'll just have to re-watch the episodes to get my fix.

Bill Hader Directed Every Episode

Bill Hader in the Season 4 teaser for Barry.

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Also something that should be brought up is that Bill Hader is actually directed every single episode of the fourth season, as reported by Variety (and since confirmed by HBO). 

Hader has already directed several episodes of Barry before, including the pilot, but this will be his first time doing every single episode in a season – and I for one can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. 

Filming Has Finished

Henry Winkler in the teaser for Barry Season 4.

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Thankfully, we know that filming for Barry Season 4 has come to an end. In August 2022, it was confirmed that Barry Season 4 filming had begun, via a social media post from one of the stars. Henry Winkler posted a tweet to his Twitter page to celebrate the start of filming on August 2, 2022, alongside his co-star, Bill Hader. 

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And then in January 2023, Henry Winkler revealed at the Golden Globes (via Deadline) that filming for Season 4 had finished shooting, and at the end of the interview, he said he would not reveal if it was the last season or not, jokingly saying that he feared HBO would take his grandchildren if he said anything. 

I cannot talk to you about that because they will come and take my grandchildren. They are so strict, I cannot say a word other than it’s on HBO and it’s called Barry.

But sadly, we all know the answer now. 

Barry Season 4 is on the way, and thankfully, as of March 2023, we won’t need to wait that much longer. But the moment it premieres, the closer we are to the end. I don’t think I’m ready, where are my tissues? 

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