Blues, Beers And BJ Novak: A Look Back At Times The Office Cast Members Reunited Since The Show Wrapped

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Here is something crazy to think about — The Office has been off TV (new episodes anyway) longer than it was on. Hard to believe, right? Well, time works that way sometimes. But despite saying goodbyes to Dunder Mifflin nearly a decade ago, the members of the show’s large ensemble cast remain as close as ever, and aren’t shy about sharing the admiration of their former co-stars with their millions of social media followers.

If you are someone who loves the wholesome social media posts and stories involving the The Office cast, you have come to the right place because we’re about to break down eight times they have gotten back together in one way or another. But a little warning before we get started — this is terribly wholesome. 

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That Time John Krasinski Trolled Jenna Fischer By Bringing David Denman To The Stanley Cup Finals

The St. Louis Blues and The Boston Bruins met in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, a hard-fought series that ultimately ended with St. Louis winning its first NHL championship in the franchise's history. But while there was a lot of great action going on in the rink, longtime fans of The Office couldn't help but get wrapped up in the lighthearted feud between former co-stars John Krasinski (big time Bostonite) and Jenna Fischer (right up there with Jon Hamm in her St. Louis fandom) who went back and forth throughout the series.

That all reached a tipping point in the decisive Game 7 in Boston which John Krasinski attended with David Denman, who played Roy Anderson all those years ago. Everything about the 40-second video posted to Krasinski's Twitter is amazing from his cheeky comments to the reveal of Denman and his deadpan remarks to Fischer. But the joke's on them because Fischer was the one celebrating by the end of the night.

Angela Kinsey And Brian Baumgartner Grab A Beer

Angela and Kevin are two characters from The Office who spent a considerable amount of time together (being accountants and all that), and so you would think the actors who brought them to life would be tired of one another by now. However, that’s far from the case for Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner, who still enjoy each other’s company, even if it’s for a (non-alcoholic) beer.

In April 2019, Angela Kinsey shared a picture alongside her former co-star to her Instagram account in honor of “Bring Your Beer To Work Day,” which was sponsored by Heineken as a way to promote it’s then-new non-alcoholic option. And I must say, they looked very happy doing so.

BJ Novak Snaps A Selfie With Mindy Kaling

There are a lot of great Ryan Howard-centric episodes of The Office, and a large chunk of those involve his on-again, off-again relationship with Kelly Kapoor. But there are just as many, if not more, social posts by BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling since their characters' swirling romance ended. There are so many times the two have appeared together on their respective social media accounts that it’s hard to count, so we’ll just focus on one of the more recent reunions.

In September 2021, BJ Novak posed with Mindy Kaling for a selfie in an Instagram post saying that he doesn’t usually ask to take photos with celebrities but he had to after seeing his former office-mate. And if you want to see more examples of their friendship, just scroll through their respective socials.

The Office cast on Some Good News

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The Office Cast Attends A Virtual Wedding

Those early days of the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t all that much fun for anyone, but there were a few bright spots to help us all get through quarantining, including John Krasinski’s YouTube show Some Good News. The wholesome talk show launched in March 2020 and welcomed millions of viewers into the Jack Ryan star’s world, offering them some much-needed positivity.

One of the best examples of this came in May 2020, when he had his fellow The Office alums on his show to surprise a couple for a Zoom wedding after a video went viral of the groom proposing to his future bride the same way Jim popped the question to Pam. It started out with Jenna Fischer showing up, and then everyone from the main cast popped in to dance with the couple for an absolutely amazing moment.

Angela Kinsey And Creed Bratton Go Out For Tex Mex And Drinks

Angela Kinsey and Creed Bratton are apparently neighbors and like to get together from time to time t do what all neighbors (or at least those that get along) like to do: go out and get dinner and drinks.

Back in September 2019, Angela Kinsey shared a photo on Instagram that showed her hanging out with her former co-star in front of a Tex-Mex restaurant. The two got together for some fun when Kinsey’s husband was busy with his fantasy football draft, and by the way the night sounds, it was one hell of a time.

Leslie David Baker Shows Up At Dancing With The Stars To Support Kate Flannery

Leslie David Baker, the actor behind the dry and sarcastic Stanley Hudson at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office, is supportive of his former The Office co-stars, especially when they are on one of the biggest dancing competitions on TV.

In October 2019, Leslie David Baker turned to Instagram to share a picture he took with Kate Flannery during her run on Dancing with the Stars to offer his support. And would you just look at the big smile on his face.

The Office Cast Reunites For BJ Novak’s Birthday

The former cast of The Office knows a thing or two about throwing birthday parties (It Is Your Birthday.), and so it should come as no surprise that a few of the actors got together to celebrate BJ Novak making another trip around the sun a few years ago.

In July 2019, BJ Novak shared a handful of photos on his Instagram from the big party, which showed the likes of Mindy Kaling, Jenna Fischer, and Angela Kinsey hanging out with other celebrities like Nathan Field and the late Bob Saget.

Jenna Fischer Hanging Out With An Ellie Kemper Cut-Out The St. Louis Cardinals Mistakenly Sent Her

When MLB announced that all professional baseball games would be played without fans in 2020, teams came up with a great way of encouraging fan support and making the players feel like they were playing in front of crowds: cardboard cutouts. The St. Louis Cardinals made some for local celebrities, including Ellie Kemper. However, when it came time to send them out, Jenna Fischer received it instead.

As you can see in this hilarious Instagram post, Jenna Fischer is having a “reunion” with her fellow The Office alum and decided to have some with her friend. This counts, right?

If you want to go back and watch The Office streaming after going through all of these little mini-reunions, pop on over to Peacock and start that next marathon you’ve been planning all week. 

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