Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari Shares His Honest Thoughts About The Nude Photos She Posts

Britney Spears is known for posting some wild photos on social media. Whether she’s getting real about past trauma, showing off her dance moves, or strategically placing stickers over the naughty bits of nude photos, the pop singer has certainly earned our attention as she continues exercising her freedom following 13 years under a conservatorship. The nude photos caught her husband Sam Asghari’s attention too, and he spoke honestly about his thoughts on his wife’s risque Instagram posts.

Sam Asghari, who married Britney Spears in a fairytale wedding in June, took to his Instagram Stories with his thoughts about his wife’s nude posts on social media: 

The only person in the world that gets bullied for posting things like this. I personally preferred she never posted these but who am I to control someone that’s been under a microscope and been controlled for most of her life

His message is clearly in response to comments on Britney Spears’ posts, and while he admits that his preference would be that she didn’t post such photos like her recent pics in the bathtub, he acknowledges that she’s been controlled most of her life, and he’s not going to continue that pattern.

Despite the content of Britney Spears' posts, it's no surprise that Sam Asghari is not OK with people specifically bullying his wife, though it is interesting that he admitted that the nude photos are not his favorite thing. Asghari has been more vocal lately about the "Hold Me Closer" singer's social media activity, after more conspiracy theories ramped up in the comments sections of her posts.

Many fans have expressed concern in the past months that Britney Spears is still being controlled. They've pointed to old photos and videos that the singer claims to be current but have either been posted before, or appear to be taken in the house that she supposedly moved out of this summer following her wedding.

Sam Asghari assured her fans that Britney Spears "has her voice and is a free woman." He thanked her followers for being protective over her, but says he respects her privacy and will protect that at all costs. He warned that being overprotective can also cause more damage.

Power to Sam Asghari for showing support for his wife, and particularly for her privacy and her freedom, after she was released from her family's conservatorship last November. However, his reassurances aren't likely to keep fans from being concerned about the music legend. 

Many were confused by a rant she went on this month against a Jack in the Box worker who took "pity" on her in the drive-through after she'd been crying in the car. She ripped the employee on Instagram, dropping several F-bombs for involving himself in her life despite not knowing her, and her followers were left perplexed by the response to what seemed like the man's kindness.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were married in June, with the couple reportedly moving into a house in her ex-husband Kevin Federline's neighborhood. Since then she's remained embroiled in public feuds with her parentsher sister Jamie Lynn SpearsFederline and her two sons. It's more than obvious she's in need of people in her corner, and in regards to the nude photos, it's good to hear Sam Asghari speaking out in her defense. 

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