Donnie Wahlberg Thanks The 'Blockhead Family' After Blue Bloods' Ratings Success With Season 12

Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods
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It seems like as the years go on, it's becoming even more of a rarity for a TV show to run past 10 seasons -- and still have a steady audience. Well, CBS' long-running procedural, Blue Bloods, is such a series, and that's even more impressive considering it's aired in the tricky Friday-night timeslot for the majority of its 12-season. It scored great ratings during the 2021-22 broadcast season, though, and Donnie Wahlberg is celebrating by shouting out the "Blockhead family."

Donnie Wahlberg has portrayed Detective Danny Reagan since Blue Bloods debuted in 2012 and, over the years, he's had plenty of sweet fan interactions whenever he posts about the show on social media. The NKOTB founding member recently took to his Instagram stories to thank said fans, known as the “Blockhead family,” for the success of Season 12 after finding out that it was the 8th overall and 4th most-watched scripted during the past television season. Check out the post in the screengrab down below:

Donnie Wahlberg's Instagram stories

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The cast of the long-running program appears to be more than conscious of how fortune they are. Earlier this year, lead actor Tom Selleck opened up about why the drama has been so successful for so long, citing the fact that it's a “character-driven show” as well as a procedural built for longevity. I'd say that the fans play a key role in keeping things alive as well, based on the numbers glimpsed above.

Despite the show's popularity, the Season 13 renewal wasn't a sure thing. Luckily, though, after Season 12 wrapped, CBS gave the green light, and Donnie Wahlberg was quick to celebrate with an excitement-filled post. It's clear that the show means a lot to him and to see him share that love with fans makes it that much sweeter.

Fans may appreciate Blue Bloods it can still throw in surprises. In its latest season, the show welcomed not one one but two musical guest stars in Jimmy Buffett and Lyle Lovett. At this point, viewers may also be enjoying the show's continued accomplishments. Earlier this year, it celebrated a milestone with its 250th episode. So even with over a decade under its belt, the procedural still has plenty going for it.

It's only been a month since Season 12 ended and, many are probably already pumped for Donnie Wahlberg and co. to make their return to the CBS schedule in the fall. The series will stick to its normal 10 p.m. EST slot on the network, following S.W.A.T. and new series, Fire Country. The show seems to be in good company on Fridays, and one can only hope that the Blockhead Family will continue to come through for the tried-and-true series when it comes back.

All 12 seasons of Blue Bloods are available to stream with Paramount+ subscription. Check out CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule to see what other shows you can occupy your time with while waiting for the CBS staple to return.

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