Eric Kripke Pays Tribute After Supernatural Actress Nicki Aycox Dies At 47

nicki aycox on supernatural season 1.
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The Supernatural family is in mourning following the sad news that Nicki Aycox, who portrayed the first iteration of the demon Meg Masters in the early seasons of beloved drama, has died at 47. While the actress only appeared in five episodes throughout Season 1 and Season 4, she definitely made an impact on the character, who was later portrayed by Rachel Miner. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is one of the many paying tribute to her. 

Stars from within the SPN Family were quick to share messages about Aycox, as were fans, and showrunner Eric Kripke fits into both camps. The Boys creator served as the CW drama's boss for Supernatural’s first five seasons, and took to Twitter to share a heartfelt tribute, as seen below.

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While Aycox’s cause of death hasn’t yet been confirmed, EW noted that she has had leukemia for more than a year, with it potentially playing a causal role. In any case, she will definitely be missed. 

Nicki Aycox’s first appearance on Supernatural came in the Season 1 episode “Scarecrow,” when Jared Padalecki’s Sam had enough of hunting and met Meg while trying to leave. The two grew close until Sam found out that she was a demon, as it goes. Although her time as Meg was relatively short, Aycox definitely cemented herself as a fan-favorite character, and it’s clear that her impact was lasting.

Although the two didn’t work together due to the fact that they’d be playing the same character, Rachel Miner (who took over the role of Meg in Season 5 until Season 8) also took to Twitter to share her condolences and shared a video from a YouTube stream the two teamed with other Supernatural alums for in April of 2021:

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Supernatural wasn’t the only series that Nicki Aycox was known for, to be sure. She was also on shows such as Cold Case, Over There, Dark Blue, and Criminal Minds, along with movies Jeepers Creepers 2, Perfect Stranger, and The Girl on the Train, with 2014’s television film Dead on Campus being her final acting role. Aycox released her first and only EP, Red Velvet Room, in 2015, showing the world that she was just beginning.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that the Supernatural cast and crew are still very close to each other, even two years after SPN ended. There was a recent Supernatural reunion on Walker, while The Winchesters will see the return of a Supernatural alum. Despite the show no longer airing, it’s clear that it still means a lot to not only fans but to the stars. Once a member of the SPN family, always a member of the SPN family.

Our hearts go out to Nicki Aycox’s friends and family. Make sure to watch all 15 seasons of Supernatural with your Netflix subscription to see Aycox as Meg, and the impact she made on the series throughout. 

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