Gift Ideas For Taylor Swift Fans: What To Get The Swiftie In Your Life

Taylor Swift in the music video for "Bejeweled"
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Christmas season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start buying presents. But what presents should you get if you’re shopping for a die-hard Taylor Swift fan?

You might not be able to get the Swiftie in your life tickets to Eras tour, but you can buy them some thoughtful Taylor Swift-themed gifts to make them feel like they’re there in spirit. Here’s some suggestions for gift ideas for Swifties for Christmas 2022.

Taylor Swift's album Midnights on vinyl

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Midnights On Vinyl

There’s no better place to start this gift guide than the music itself. Vinyl records are a great way to switch up your music listening experience, and Swift’s vinyls come in a variety of colors that match the vibes of the albums. For example, Midnights comes in the shades Lavender, Jade, Blood Moon, and Mahogany. As an added bonus, if you buy all four colors you can position the vinyl sleeves to look like a clock.

Buy Midnights (and Taylor’s entire discography) on vinyl at Target.

"Fuck the patriarchy" keychain

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“F*ck the Patriarchy” Keychain

If your Swiftie is a fan of Red (Taylor’s Version), they’re likely a fan of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”. This keychain inspired by the lyrics of the song is sure to make any Taylor Swift stan happy, especially if they agree with the sentiment.

Buy the “F*ck the Patriarchy” keychain on Etsy.

Taylor Swift Lover tree ornament

(Image credit: Taylor Swift)

Official Taylor Swift Christmas Merch

You can’t go wrong getting the Swiftie in your life something from Taylor Swift’s official merch shop. For example, these album-themed Christmas ornaments make the perfect stocking stuffers. Buy the ornaments that correspond with your Swiftie’s favorite album or Taylor Swift era, or buy the entire set for a fully Taylor Swift-themed Christmas tree.

There are also a bunch of official tees, sweaters and accessories that are sold exclusively on

Buy Taylor Swift ornaments on

Mirrorball dress on Etsy

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Something Bejeweled

If your Swiftie is more of a Midnights person, you might consider getting them something bejeweled in honor of the song from Taylor’s newest album. The shimmery music video has already inspired a lot of gem-encrusted fan looks, like the ones linked below.

This dress inspired by Taylor’s look from the 2018 AMAs definitely fits the “Bejeweled” vibe, but if you’re looking for a more subtle sparkly look you can opt for one of these custom rhinestone headbands.

Buy the Taylor Swift-inspired dress on Etsy.
Buy bejeweled headbands on Etsy.

Still in need of a little more shimmer? Pick up some of these face jewels for a “Bejeweled”-inspired makeup look to top it all off.

Buy Irisescent Candy Kiss All In One Face Jewels from Forever21.

Red scarf

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Red Scarf

This one’s a no-brainer—any Swiftie will immediately recognize this reference to “All Too Well.”

This might not be the exact scarf Taylor (allegedly) left at her ex's sister's house, but we think it’s still a cute nod to the song.

Buy the Calvin & Olivia Cashmere-Feel Scarf on Amazon.

Mirrorball planters

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These mirrorball planters are ideal for any Swiftie who’s also a plant parent. A subtle reference to the Folklore song “Mirrorball,” these planters will cast glimmers of light across the entire room AND make their plants look super snazzy.

If plants aren't their thing, you could also go with this set of eight disco balls in different sizes. 

Buy mirrorball planters on Amazon.
Buy the mirror disco ball set on Amazon.

Midnights-themed crew neck

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Midnights Crewneck

Official merch can be pricey, but luckily there are a lot of creative Swifties selling custom Taylor Swift clothes on Etsy. This Midnights crewneck is perfect for long-time fans and newcomers, and as an added bonus you’ll be supporting a small business.

Buy the Midnights crewneck on Etsy.

Taylor Swift stickers

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Taylor Swift Stickers

You really can’t go wrong with stickers—every Swiftie needs to decorate, and this Folklore/Evermore themed pack is seriously cute.

Is your Swiftie’s laptop case looking a little bare? Maybe their folders and notebooks need a little decoration. Whatever the case, this sticker set is a great addition to the Taylor Swift gifts you've already picked out.

Buy the 50-piece Taylor Swift sticker set on Etsy.

Sterling silver "13" charm

(Image credit: Zales)

Something With The Number 13

Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13, so any Swiftie could wear a 13 as a nod to Ms. Swift. 

This dainty “13” charm easily matches with any outfit as a subtle sign of Swiftie-status. Or, if you’re shopping for a Reputation stan, check out this semi-permanent snake/13 tattoo for a slightly more edgy option.

Buy the Rembrandt Charms® Number "13" Disc in Sterling Silver at Zales.
Buy the Bad Luck tattoo on Inkbox.

"Meet me behind the mall" throw pillow

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Swiftie Throw Pillows

Looking for homegoods? You could always gift a Taylor Swift throw pillow, like the one featured here with lyrics from the Folklore song “August.”

Alternatively, if your Swiftie is a lover of the Taylor’s Version Era, you could buy them this throw pillow that forbids anyone from listening to anything but Taylor’s Version albums.

Buy the “Meet Me Behind the Mall” throw pillow on Amazon.
Buy the “In This House We Listen to Taylor’s Version” throw pillow on Etsy.

"Karma is a Cat" ugly Christmas sweater

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“Karma Is A Cat” Ugly Christmas Sweater

If your Swiftie loves cats as much as Taylor herself does, this ugly Christmas sweater with lyrics from the Midnights song “Karma” is a winner. The kitty on this sweatshirt even kind of looks like Taylor’s own cat, Captain Olivia Benson. 

I definitely see the resemblance.

Buy the “Karma is a Cat” Ugly Christmas Sweater on Amazon.

Silicone cat airpods case

(Image credit: Amazon)

Cat Airpods Case

Taylor Swift is a self-proclaimed cat lady, as are many of her fans. This airpods case  looks just like a cute kitty paw with perfect pink beans, plus it will keep your headphones safe. Trust me, Swifties don't have any money to spend on a new pair of airpods after making it through the Eras presale.

If you're going to sing the lyrics "Karma is a cat purring in my lap cuz it loves me," you should at LEAST have a cat themed accessory nearby.

Buy the Silicone Cat Airpods Case on Amazon.

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