I Have No Idea What's Going On In These Photos Of Arrow’s Stephen Amell And His Wife, But They Are Adorable

It’s been over two years since Stephen Amell drew his final bow on Arrow, but he's keeping plenty busy since then. The actor has been showing off his muscles and wrestling moves on the Starz series Heels, though he also engages in some brilliant off-day activities, like spending time with his family. He recently did just that and, while I have no idea what’s going on in some recent photos the actor posted of him and his wife, they are pretty adorable.

Via a sweet post shared on Instagram, Stephen Amell told his fans to find their person while also dropping two photos of him and his wife, Cassandra. It's hard to nail down the true nature of the post. One of the photos seems to show the Mrs. laughing at his misery, while the other one is as sweet as can be. Regardless, I am here for it:

I mean, I think most would agree that in good relationships, partners can be both sweet and on occasion, hilariously awful to one another. Again, it should be pointed out that it looks like they're just goofing around. I still wouldn't blame you, however, if you wanted a bit more context, though.

Stephen Amell is one to turn sweet moments into awkward or goofy ones for social media, even if he doesn’t mean to. While at Universal Studios Hollywood in October 2021, the lead actor of the Arrow cast tried his best to take a sweet family photo with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, and hilariously, the snapshot did not turn out as planned, but that didn't stop Amell from posting what may be the worst, and most endearing, family photo ever to his social media account.

The Arrowverse alum's social media accounts are practically treasure troves of fun stills involving his loved ones. There are some that are incredibly sweet and others that are just funny and show off just how much fun he, his spouse and kids have together. They're clearly not afraid to act like themselves in front of the camera, even if it may be a bit weird. But of course, that's what makes their relationship so great.

Stephen Amell's hilarious posts aren't always just family-related, either. For example, he's definitely not above using TikTok to channel the Green Arrow or post a hilarious fan pic involving Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. He even once shared a hilarious vacation story that makes him wish he actually was Oliver Queen. 

But at the end of the day, it's just great to see Stephen Amell spend time with his family, and it further proves that his actual personality is a far cry from that of his late CW superhero. (I doubt that Oliver and Felicity Smoak's relationship would be so pleasant.) Here's to more adorable family-centric posts from Amell and, if you would like to see him suited up again in Arrow, you can stream all eight seasons with a Netflix subscription.

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