Joe Jonas Responds To Brother Frankie Jonas Parodying His Relationship With Taylor Swift

Frankie Jonas on Claim to Fame, Taylor Swift in the Lover music video, and Joe Jonas on the Tonight Show.
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Frankie Jonas has proven to be a king of the meme in recent years. His viral TikToks and hilarious social media presence has taken the internet by storm, and on Halloween, he decided to use his signature sense of humor to pick fun at his brother Joe Jonas, and Joe's ex-Taylor Swift. Well, now Frankie’s older brother is sharing his thoughts on the costume. 

On Halloween, Frankie took to Instagram to post a photo with his girlfriend where they dressed up as Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift circa the 2009 concert film Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. The pair even went as far as to wear matching purity rings. In response to this hilarious costume, Joe told ET

Yes, he got some laughs. He looked good, he looked good... I think that’s my shirt, and I think I need it back.

All the Jonas Brothers seem to have a good sense of humor based on how much they pick on each other, and their willingness to get roasted on Netflix. However, Joe is 100% the funny man of the trio, so it makes sense that he’d get a good laugh out of his younger brother’s antics. 

It’s also clear that things are all good between Joe and Swift these days. This has been proven by Joe changing the lyrics in his song “Much Better,” and Swift openly admiring Joe's wife Sophie Turner. So, all is well and there is no “Bad Blood” between the two pop stars. All this makes it clear why Joe got a good laugh out of his little brother’s costume, which you can check out here: 

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It was clever of Frankie to choose this as his costume this year, given that both Joe and Swift have projects that have been released or will come out this fall. 

On Swift’s end, she just released her album Midnights, which has gone on to break multiple records. The album that tells the stories of 13 sleepless nights comes in the middle of Swift re-recording almost all of her old albums. One of those re-releases that is already out is Fearless (Taylor’s Version) which came out last year. Some of her greatest revenge tracks from this album, “Forever & Always” and the from the vault track “Mr. Perfectly Fine” are allegedly about the Jonas Brother. However, despite the revenge-based songs, her relationship with Joe and his wife seems to be all good. 

As for Joe Jonas, he’s been touring with his brothers Nick and Kevin, this year, and he released new music with his band DNCE. He will also make an appearance on the 2022 movie schedule with his pal Glen Powell in Devotion, which he also wrote a song for with Khalid. On top of all his work, he’s also a father of two with Turner. 

Personally, I love Frankie’s costume, especially considering the impeccable timing. Seeing his brother chuckle about it makes it even better. It’s nice to see they all have a good sense of humor over the highly publicized relationship of yester-year and that both brothers and Swift are all “Cool” now. 

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