Joe Millionaire Delivers Curveball After Kurt Sowers And Steven McBee's Moms Weigh In On Remaining Women

Steven McBee on his farm on Joe Millionaire.
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Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for the Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer episode “Meet the Joes’ Families…,” so be sure you’re caught up before you continue.

Just a week after butler Martin Andrews invited the remaining women’s family and friends to Lakeshore Manor to meet the two men dating their loved ones, it was the guys’ turn to introduce the contestants to their families. The final six women on Season 1 of Fox’s revamped Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer traveled to North Carolina and Missouri for huge group dates with Kurt Sowers’ and Steven McBee’s loved ones. Not surprisingly, the Joes’ moms had thoughts about who would be the best match for their sons, and Martin delivered a shocking twist that will put the ladies in the driver’s seat.

In the previous episode, Amanda Pace’s mom dropped a bomb when she revealed that their family was sitting on millions of dollars, just like one of the Joes. Kurt Sowers, meanwhile, was bummed that he didn’t get to meet frontrunner Carolyn Moore’s family, and does Steven McBee even know what he wants? Let’s look at how “Meet the Joes’ Families…” may have clarified some things, and how the big twist will affect the rest of the season. 

Kurt Sowers’ Family Had A Favorite, And It Wasn’t Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore wasn’t lacking confidence when the group arrived in North Carolina, as she was calling Kurt Sowers’ family her “in-laws” to producers during interviews. I’m not sure that attitude worked to her advantage, however, because Sowers’ mother pointedly asked if Moore reminded him of his previous girlfriend. Sowers' family did meet a woman who they thought fit in well with the construction company CEO — Calah Jackson. That’s right. Sowers’ family cracked the Calah code, and he was openly shocked to see how relaxed and open she was in that setting. 

High praise was also given to Amanda Pace, as Kurt Sowers’ brother noted that she looked at the show's co-star the way any man would hope their wife would. My favorite part was Sowers — who admitted to being in love with Carolyn Moore — seeking a second opinion from Steven McBee, even asking what his mom thought of Moore. Come on, man. 

Steven McBee Got Some Clarity, And Some Chili

Meanwhile, once Steven McBee got his entire family out in Missouri to hide their Rolexes, things were smooth sailing there as well. McBee was especially happy to be back home, because his mom cooked him his favorite — white chicken chili. The farming CEO is a mama’s boy, so you know Mama McBee’s opinion was going to carry some weight. In the end, Annie Jorgensen was the family’s favorite. McBee actually might have gotten the most clarity overall by seeing and learning that a few of these women are definitely not cut out for life in the country.

Plot Twist! The Women Are Now In Control

It’s not up to the men anymore, however! Upon returning to Lakeshore Manor, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee opted to not eliminate any of the women, and the beloved butler informed the group that moving forward, the power will be flipped over to the women. Starting with the penultimate episode, the women will be choosing which eligible bachelor to continue spending time with, with dating both also an option. 

With only six women remaining, I’m excited to see how the new dynamic affects the manor and the bromance, as some tough choices are going to have to be made. Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer returns next Thursday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what new and returning premieres are coming up!

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