Kaley Cuoco Has Reached The Pregnancy Stage Where She’s Falling Asleep On Set And Needing Help Out Of Chairs

Sometimes we all need a nap, and when you are pregnant, this is especially true because growing a human is hard work. Kaley Cuoco knows this all too well as she’s now months pregnant, and she has not been shy about sharing her journey and all the naps and challenges that come along with it. 

The actress has been enthusiastically posting about her pregnancy journey, and how excited she and Tom Pelphrey are to welcome their bundle of joy into the world. While The Big Bang Theory alum and her beau have posted the glamorous elements of the process, like their adorable gender reveal, Cuoco has also been sharing the realities of pregnancy, like falling asleep at work:

Kaley Cuoco asleep and pregnant

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco's Instagram)

Based on her caption, she didn’t just fall asleep once, it’s constant. But can you blame her? Working long hours warrants naps generally speaking, however, when you’re also pregnant, you gotta get rest in whenever you can. 

Further proving her point, Cuoco posted another image of her napping, but this time she’s in what looks like a wicked comfortable lawn chair, is wearing comfy clothes and purple Crocs plus she has a massive water bottle at her side. She really is the “queen” on her “throne,” and she deserves all the rest and relaxation she can get. 

Kaley Cuoco asleep while pregnant.

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco's Instagram)

Once the nap is over, and it’s time to go back to work, Cuoco needs to get up from her chair, and she transparently, and hilariously, posted about how she needs help standing up. She posted the video of her friend helping her get to her feet, noting that she does indeed need assistance every once in a while. 

Kaley Cuoto getting out of a chair while pregnant

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco's Instagram)

While pregnancy comes with its fair share of challenges, Cuoco seems to be loving it. She and Pelphrey are so excited to welcome their little one, and they’ve been documenting the journey so well. The couple made their debut as a family of three on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and shared a cute workout photo that had the actress joking about having “abs for days.” And as each month goes by, and the baby's due date gets closer, the couple continues to let the world know just how excited they are. 

Kaley Cuoco’s Latest Projects

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant

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You watch Cuoco in The Flight Attendant and hear her as the titular character in Harley Quinn with an HBO Max subscription.  

Along with Cuoco’s adorable and candid posts, her partner has also been on his A-game showing his support for the actress and his excitement about the pregnancy. Pelphrey took to Instagram to show his enthusiasm by uploading a photo of him and his partner kissing and holding mugs that say “papa bear” and “mama bear.” He’s also always hyping up The Flight Attendant star, posting about how she’s “ALWAYS” beautiful, and can’t wait to raise their daughter together. 

Cuoco is pretty far along in her pregnancy at this point, and she and Pelphrey’s little one will enter the world sometime in the coming months. I know I can’t wait to see the two share the news about their baby girl being born, and all the fun posts that are bound to come from the parents of their newborn, but for now, we have the pleasure of enjoying the actress's insights into life as a very pregnant woman. 

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