I'm Still Swooning Over Tom Pelphrey's Sweet Message To Kaley Cuoco About Their Red Carpet Adventure While She's Pregnant

Kaley Cuoco has been big on sharing her pregnancy journey with Tom Pelphrey in the months since the couple broke the news they would be having a child together. This week she shared looks with their puppers and a brand new selfie that shows off how far along in the pregnancy journey she is, but it’s a comment that Pelphrey made about their red carpet adventures that still has me swooning. 

Kaley Cuoco hasn’t expressed exactly when she is due yet, though she has said it will be this year, and Pelphrey has expressed how "excited" they are to be parents. This week she also shared a candid selfie about her pregnancy journey, 

Kaley Cuoco showing off baby bump status on Instagram.

(Image credit: Kaley Cuoco)

While Cuoco is heavily pregnant and cutting back on certain activities at this point, she’s still been working out and working in general, even occasionally hitting up red carpets with Tom Pelphrey. Such is what happened when the two recently appeared together on the red carpet for the 28th annual Critics Choice Awards. Both wore black, though Cuoco's design was seemingly intended to not draw a ton of attention to her bump. 

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey at the Critics Choice Awards

(Image credit: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association))

They make for a cute couple, but what makes them an even sweeter duo is what happened next. Along with thanking Dior and Omega for their major fashion moment, Pelphrey also sent this message straight to Cuoco, writing on Instagram:

You. Look. So. Beautiful. ALWAYS. Thank you.

I mean, swoon, who wouldn't want their partner to publicly declare how beautiful they look? Cuoco responded back to the kind message from her partner, commenting "I love you so hard bud" on the post. 

Over the last year Tom Pelphrey and Kaley Cuoco have really emerged as one of Hollywood's "it" couples. They are frequently by one another's side at red carpet events as a soon-to-be party of three. The have matching Mamma Bear and Pappa Bear coffee mugs. They share sweet posts without coming off as saccharine. They're clearly 'sliving as they move forward into this next stage of their lives (as evidenced by the drone show they staged as part of their baby shower), and many congrats to the happy couple as they inch closer to that big, life-changing date. 

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