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Khloe Kardashian Posts New Glam Shots After Hitting Follower Milestone, And Dang Girl

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The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars are off the airwaves for the time being. Although they can make time for an SNL appearance or Andy Cohen interview as needs be, the release date of their Hulu reality series (called The Kardashians) is still yet unknown. But in the meantime, fans can catch them, as always, on social media. Khloé Kardashian in fact just updated the masses with some new glam shots of herself after hitting a major follower milestone – and dang, girl!

The youngest Kardashian sister is celebrating her 215 million Instagram follower milestone. For regular people like myself, it might be hard to gauge how noteworthy that really is compared to, say, 214 million or just plain old 200 million. A lot is a lot, right? Well, for context, Khloé reportedly only had 154 million as of June 2021, which is a significant jump in a short amount of time.

To mark the occasion, Khloé Kardashian captioned a new Instagram post with the big 215 million follower count number, followed by a lot of exclamation marks. However, the accompanying glam shots are much more distracting. Nothing says massive social media fandom like silver and diamonds, am I right? Check out her post here:

The pics are impressive, as they tend to be where the Kardashian-Jenners are concerned. (Yet, surprisingly, Khloé's comments aren't exactly flooded with Chrissy Teigen comparisons like what the Lip Sync Battle host is receiving.) But gaining millions of new followers is equally as impressive. The new milestone has in fact pushed Khloé into the third highest ranking out of all the sisters. The official scoreboard, such that it is, goes like this: Kylie (304m), Kim (281m), Khloé (215m), Kendall (214m) and Kourtney (160m).

A possible reason behind Khloé Kardashian's jump in social media following of late could have something to do with certain baby problems for her ex, Tristan Thompson. The NBA player and father of Khloé's only child was plagued by cheating rumors all last year, resulting in their supposed second and last breakup. Then it came out that Thompson had fathered a child with a different woman. He has since confirmed the paternity and made a public apology to Khloé in the wake of the controversy.

Khloé Kardashian’s sisters have likewise faced some difficulties, despite what their Instagram selfies may suggest. Kim Kardashian in particular has had to contend with her ex Kanye West and his outspoken views while she tries to move on with her own relationships. Kourtney Kardashian, too, had a bit of drama with Scott Disick concerning her PDA with now-fiancé Travis Barker – but they might have finally worked it out.

All problems aside, the Kardashian-Jenners still continue to do what they do best: show off their lavish lifestyles and best angles on social media. Oh, and rack in followers…

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