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When Asked About Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson, Kris Jenner Got Some Last-Minute Help With Dodging The Question

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You gotta love the old duck-and-dodge. You know, when you're put on the spot and you either don't know or don't want to answer? Sometimes it's best to just throw it on someone else to avoid saying the wrong thing. Case in point would be last night on New Year's Eve when Kris Jenner was sideswiped with a question live on television about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s alleged relationship, which has included Instagram photos. No worries, the notorious momager and holiday party host had some much-needed last-minute help dodging the conversation.

Kris Jenner was one of many guest interviewees signed on for some banter with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper during their annual New Year's Eve coverage for CNN before the ball drop – and, let’s just say, it got super awkward. (Even more than the segment where Cohen went on a drunken tirade about New York City's Former Mayor Bill De Blasio...) The Bravo talk show host point-blank asked Jenner how Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are “as a couple.” There was a lengthy pause and some awko-taco laughing but, before we could really get the much-anticipated answer, a certain grandchild of hers bailed her out. Check out the exchange here:

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Really, though, she should have seen the question coming – what with Andy Cohen involved. The Real Housewives executive producer/reunion host is infamous for zeroing in on where the tea is located, just so it can be spilled. He pulled out all the stops, too, when he hosted the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion special earlier this year and got some interesting answers on Kim Kardashian's divorce. Still, one would have thought the perceived Ultimate Master (Momager) of Spin would have been more prepared for the surprising question than she appeared to be.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have yet to speak out directly about their supposed courtship. However, they have been spotted hanging out together quite a few times since Kardashian's freshman hosting stint on Saturday Night Live. Just last week, the couple apparently even rented out an entire theater just for a special outing of theirs. Talk about preparation! (Kris Jenner might want to take notes…)

Technically, though, the SKIMS founder has bigger concerns on her plate than Andy Cohen snooping around. The reality star is seeking a quick solution to the issue of her marital status in the divorce proceedings with Kanye West. Unfortunately for her, West seems to be avoiding making the split official. And to top it off, she is likewise having some legal trouble with one of her neighbors – not to be confused with West himself who, it turns out, is also reportedly a close neighbor now, too.

Regardless, 2021 is officially over and done with. But I suspect it won't be the last time a Kardashian or Jenner gets asked about their personal lives. Just ahead of the New Year, Hulu released a teaser for the family’s new show coming to the platform at some point, which is simply called The Kardashians. (I don't know...maybe drop the ‘The’?)

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