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Kim Kardashian's Having Quite The Month As She Gets Trolled By North And Ignored By Psalm

Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With the Kardashians
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Kim Kardashian has been quite busy as of late. In addition to her typical SKIMS business dealings and public appearances, she’s apparently started production on her family’s new reality TV show. She’s also preparing to take the reins as host for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Kardashian does, however, still seem to be making time for her four children, who apparently have no problem playfully poking fun at their mother from time to time. Just in the past month, her daughter, North, hilariously trolled the star over her “influencer” voice and, now, her youngest, Psalm, is ignoring her in favor of some TV time. 

Like many of us, the 2-year-old Psalm West enjoys just kicking back and watching the tube in peace. So one can understand why he hilariously blocked out his mom’s kisses during a live video posted to her Instagram stories. You can check out the clip for yourself (via kimkardashiansnap) down below: 

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To be fair, the young man was enjoying his show, and his mom was intruding, in a sweet way, of course. What’s particularly funny about this clip is the cheeky smile that forms on the little guy’s face when he begins to look at the camera. You can’t help but love such subtle and effective trolling but, ultimately, we know he loves his mommy. Plus, he hasn’t been nearly as savage as his sister has been with her burns.

8-year-old North West is a pro at taking her mom to task, as evidenced by her critiques of the voice Kim Kardashian uses for her videos. On a previous occasion, she also called out her mother for seemingly being a fake Olivia Rodrigo fan. Back in May, Kardashian received a Sour gift basket from Rodrigo herself and, in a video, she thanked the singer and claimed that she loved the hit single “Driver’s License.” North felt compelled to chime in, saying that her mom “never” listens to it. So yes, this little lady pulls no punches.

Trolling aside, Kim Kardashian and her children appear to enjoy spending quality time together, and they’ve done quite a bit of that in the past year. The group took a relaxing spring break vacation back in April and, during the same month, they spent the Easter holiday together. In August, they also attended a few Donda listening parties in support of the star’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kanye West. They all appeared to have enjoyed themselves though, with Kardashian rocking such interesting threads, you can’t help but wonder if her kids subtly trolled her for that red bodysuit.

Speaking of Kanye West, he’s also been spending time with his children. Not only has he enjoyed their company at his music events, but he’s watched over them on other occasions. During the summer, he, his children and their mother even went on a family outing, which included a trip to a museum. West -- who has spent most of his time at his Montana ranch during the divorce -- also just purchased a (pricey) new home in Malibu, so he could be spending even more time with his California-based kids moving forward.

One would imagine that North, Psalm and their siblings would be pleased to spend more time with their busy parents. Given what we’ve seen though, I bet they’d occasionally use such opportunities to lovingly roast either one of them. And in the case of Kim Kardashian, let’s hope that any future jokes are caught on camera for that upcoming Hulu series.

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