Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is Here For Pete Davidson's Sister Trolling Him On Instagram

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Who would’ve thought that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson would become the biggest “are they or aren’t they” of 2021? The two stars have been raising plenty of eyebrows since they were first spotted holding hands and hanging out back in October. Unfortunately, at this point, the public has still not shared a concrete answer regarding a potential romance between the two. Amid the speculation, the two are continuing to hang out, sometimes with members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. It would seem, though, that Kim may be cool with at least one member of the Davidson clan, too, as she was seemingly here for Pete’s sister trolling him on social media. 

Amid her brother’s reported outings with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, Casey Davidson has been hanging out with the Saturday Night Live star as well. The two recently attended a Laker game, where someone snapped a photo of the two sitting courtside. Pete could be seen talking and sporting some multicolored pants with patches on them. Casey managed to get her hands on one of the photos and cropped it to put the focus on her brother and his colorful pants. She posted the image to Instagram and included the phrase, “caption this”.

Sure, the post is funny enough, but what’s particularly interesting is that sites like BuzzFeed noticed that Kim Kardashian liked the post. Though she doesn’t appear to follow her rumored beau’s younger sister on social media, she seemed to enjoy her joke at his expense. It’s actually a nice change of pace, as it’s usually the other way around. In most cases, Pete Davidson is the one clowning people (just ask Machine Gun Kelly). 

The comedian hasn’t made too many jokes regarding his alleged relationship with the reality TV staple, though. He did, however, troll audiences during a recent talk show appearance. In turn, fans across social media have been having fun providing their own commentary, which has persisted since the two were first linked during Halloween weekend. 

Reports suggest that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were quite close when the former served as a guest host on SNL back in early October. Apparently, Davidson was quite attentive to her needs and was instrumental in helping her get acclimated. However, it’s been said that they two have run in the same social circles for some time now. Kardashian’s pals are alleged to have encouraged her to pursue a relationship with the funny man. 

The two have also had a joint presence on social media as of late. Flavor Flav (for some reason) was the first person to drop an official photo on social media that showed the two together. Interestingly enough, a tourist also took selfies with the two stars and posted them to his own Instagram account. So it goes without saying that the buzz surrounding the two is growing. This probably makes it all the more frustrating for those who are eager to see them make things official. 

It’s very likely that they’ll continue to keep the public in suspense, but you can bet many will continue to eat up little clues such as Kim Kardashian’s apparent endorsement of Casey Davidson’s trolling. Pete may want to watch his back because, after Kardashian’s zingers in her SNL monologue, I wouldn’t be surprised if she chooses to join in with some jokes of her own.

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