Never Have I Ever Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, And Other Things We Know

Devi in Never Have I Ever in the teaser.
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There are so many amazing teen romance shows out there to enjoy, especially with your Netflix subscription, but one that I’ve  personally enjoyed for some time is the Netflix original, Never Have I Ever. Created by Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling (and loosely based on Kaling’s childhood in Boston), Never Have I Ever follows the story of Devi, a young Indian-American girl who is just trying to find herself in this strange world and grow up. And now, Never Have I Ever Season 4 is on the way. 

Through three seasons, we have watched Devi learn so much and become a talented young woman who is still discovering more about herself every single day, from her own life to her relationships and everything else. While the Season 3 ending left plenty of fans on a cliffhanger, Season 4 is close.

From when the next season will release to what it’s going to be about, here is what we know so far about the fourth installment of the Netflix series. 

What Is The Never Have I Ever Season 4 Premiere Date?

Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Paxton and Devi in Never Have I Ever Season 3

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Season 4 of Never Have I Ever is set to release on June 8, 2023, according to a video released by Netflix.

When Deadline initially announced that Season 4 was happening for Never Have I Ever, they confirmed originally that it was set to come out during 2023, but we now have a more exact date.  

We can now add this to our 2023 TV premiere schedule, and I for one can’t wait to see what is next!  

The Main Cast Is Going To Come Back

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan on Never Have I Ever

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Since this is going to be a big season for most of the cast, it’s not that surprising that most of the Never Have I Ever cast is expected to return. From the teaser (below), it appears that Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Darren Barnet, Richa Moorjani, Jaren Lewison, Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young are all returning for Season 4.

A newcomer that is joining the main cast in Season 4 is actually Michael Cimino, according to Deadline, who plays Ethan, another possible love interest for Devi in the fourth season. Cimino is primarily known for his starring role in the Love, Victor cast on Hulu, but I can’t wait to see him in another big role such as this.  

This Is The Final Season

Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and Paxton on Never Have II Ever Season 2

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Time for tissues. As confirmed by the Deadline article regarding the renewal from earlier, Season 4 of Never Have I Ever is set to be the last of the show. It’s sad, but it was only a matter of time before we properly had to say goodbye to Devi and everyone else we’ve come to love. 

Mindy Kaling actually posted a note to her Twitter back in March 2022, confirming that this would be the last season.

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While it is sad that the show is coming to an end, co-creator Kaling had a good reason - and it’s because she just felt like the story had run its course and that ending Never Have I Ever at Season 4 “made sense,” which is what she told Entertainment Tonight: 

Four seasons for a high school show felt like it made sense. They can’t be in high school forever. We've seen those shows. Like, you've been in high school for 12 years. What is going on here? Also, the actors get older and it starts looking insane that a 34-year-old is playing a 15-year-old.

I can relate to that as someone who has watched Riverdale and seen literal thirty-year-olds play high-schoolers, so good for Kaling on knowing when to cap a series. I’ll be enjoying it until the very end. 

Check Out The Trailer For Never Have I Ever Season 4

Devi and her friends in Never Have I Ever.

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If you’re like me and you need to see the latest trailer for this awesome show, check out the official trailer for Never Have I Ever Season 4, featuring Devi during her senior year, and plenty of shots that show the wacky shenanigans we are about to get into for this last ride.  

Season 4 Is Going To Cover Devi’s Senior Year – But We Won’t See Her In College

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet in Never Have I Ever

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As expected, the last season of Never Have I Ever is going to cover Devi’s senior year of high school. 

In an interview that Lang Fisher did with Deadline after Season 3, it was confirmed that Season 4 of the show is going to cover Devi’s time as a senior before she graduates - which means that she’s still going to get into plenty of drama before she and the gang take that next step in life.

However, what we aren’t going to see is Devi’s years in college after her senior year, unfortunately. There are so many teen shows that last into the college years. Some examples I can think of off the top of my head are the CW shows Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls, and even Glee (which still had some pretty decent covers), but this show will not go that route. 

As confirmed by the series co-creator in an interview with E! News, Fisher said that while she does love the show and the characters so much, it’s better to leave the story as it is because it’s hard to introduce characters to a new world like college after being in high school for so long:  

We did talk about it, but that's a hard jump to make. With the teen shows that have done it in the past, it's always a little hard. It's hard to introduce a whole new world. It's hard to get people to care about them as much as you cared in the first iteration. It just felt like if we ever wanted to come back to these characters again, we would just have to start with a whole new show. It just felt a little tricky to make that leap.

That makes total sense, and honestly, I’m completely okay with letting the story end right instead of pushing it forward into the college years. And, if I want to check out another Mindy Kaling show that does have her humor in the college years, I’d just watch The Sex Lives of College Girls, an HBO Max original. 

The Love Triangle Is Far From Over – And The Resolution Could Disappoint Fans

Devi and Paxton in Never Have I Ever.

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You thought that love triangle was over just because Paxton graduated and went away to college? Heck naw - Fisher was quick to refute that idea in the interview with Deadline from before. 

When asked about the Season 3 finale and how it felt as if Paxton’s graduation was preparing viewers for the series finale, Fisher was quick to say that this wasn't the last time we see Paxton: 

I want you to know Paxton Hall-Yoshida is in Season 4. He’s in it as much as in Season 3, so the love triangle is not over.

But, Fisher was also quick to say that even if Paxton is going to be in Season 4 and keep the drama coming between him, Devi, and Ben, Devi is going to be a lot more “sure of herself” after all this time, showing just how much she has grown. 

We start this season off with her being still aware of the fact that she doesn’t think she’s worthy of Paxton and that she’s still beneath him. And we wanted the end of the season to show that now she sees them as peers, equals. So I think we can say goodbye to Paxton as her dream guy and in Season 4, we’ll see Paxton as a person who is at the same level as her. We want her to leave junior year feeling like her life is great; she’s surrounded by people who care about her and she loves them.

But we have some more news surrounding that as well – during the NBCU Emmys Kickoff luncheon (via The Wrap) in 2023, Fisher confirmed that there might be a “subset” of people who might not enjoy how the love triangle goes, and the finale itself. 

I think there’s gonna be a subset of people who are disappointed because, you know, the love triangle comes to an end and decisions are made. But I hope that we did it in a way that even people who may have lost in some sense, feel like they won. I think we did a good job.

And obviously, there’s the fact that there’s a new love interest in town as well – Ethan, Cimeno’s character, which we talked about above from that Deadline article, and is going to cause some drama into Devi’s life, more than we thought before. I’m so excited to see what Season 4 holds. Can it get here any sooner?

Filming Has Been Completed Since August 2022

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in Never Have I Ever Season 2

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Season 4 actually finished filming back in 2022, not that long after Season 3 came out on Netflix. In an interview that Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan did with Elle, the article confirmed that Season 4 was already filmed, as they had just wrapped, so with that in mind. Considering the show is coming out pretty soon, it seemed filming went over just as planned and thankfully, there are no delays this time around. 

What are you the most excited for when it comes to the next (and final) season of Never Have I Ever? It’s going to be bittersweet to say goodbye to these characters that we love so much, but at least the ride was fun. 

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