Wait, Did 90 Day Fiancé's Molly Hopkins And Kelly Brown Film Together In New Spinoff After Choke-Slam Incident?

Molly Hopkins on 90 Day: The Single Life
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90 Day Fiancé fans have been shocked by the ongoing drama between Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown following their dramatic split. The relationship ended after Kelly allegedly choke-slammed Molly's daughter Olivia, with the aftermath involving Cynthia Decker seemingly siding with Kelly, and many fans have been captivated by it all while hoping to learn the truth behind the story. It's looking like more answers are potentially on the way, with both Molly and Kelly reportedly set to appear in an upcoming spinoff that was filmed well after that controversial incident.  

CinemaBlend previously reported that quite a few 90 Day Fiancé stars (and camera crews) were spotted filming at a Florida resort in January for what was speculated to be a spinoff focusing on couples therapy. Pics from that time featured familiar faces like Angela Deem, Jovi Dufren, and Asuelu Pulaa, but another recently surfaced image indicates that Kelly Brown was possibly also present. 

A picture obtained by WordOnTheStreetReality.com showed a selfie taken by Kelly of him hanging out in a beach setting with both Jovi and Asuelu. That picture is nowhere to be found on the 90 Day star's Instagram page currently, but there is a photo of him at the beach around the same time we reported the news about the yet-to-be-announced spinoff: 

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If Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown were both present for the filming of this 90 Day Fiancé project, this means they were together and filming months after Kelly allegedly choke-slammed Olivia Hopkins. Not only that, but Molly and Olivia seemingly would've filed their police report about the incident with Kelly at least a week after this filming took place. Is it possible that those details could be talked about on the spinoff? 

It's impossible to know anything for certain, as TLC hasn't even officially confirmed the existence of this 90 Day Fiancé spinoff yet. With that said, there's enough compelling evidence to suggest that whenever the footage being filmed does air, we might get to hear some concrete details about what went down between Molly and Kelly, and we could possibly see them attempt to fix their relationship.

It's wild to think that Molly and Kelly potentially got back together for any kind of on-camera interactions after all the alleged drama between them. A police report stated that Kelly and Molly's daughter Olivia had a heated argument with Kelly regarding Olivia's boyfriend staying at Molly's home. Sometime around Thanksgiving of last year, Kelly and Olivia had a disagreement in the store co-owned by Molly and her now ex-best friend Cynthia Decker. After an exchange of words, Kelly reportedly rushed Olivia, grabbed her by her throat,  slammed her against a wall, and then threw her to the ground. 

Since that incident, Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker ended their business partnership, as well as their friendship. Cynthia recently posted a picture hanging out with Kelly after his split from Molly and has made some cryptic statements regarding the truth behind all of the drama. A police report alleged that Olivia and Molly were unable to provide video of the alleged incident involving Kelly, as Cynthia was the only one with access to the security footage. There are many stories tied to this situation, and while we've managed to stay on top of it with various updates, it would be nice to get some more details via a 90 Day Fiancé spinoff should it happen. 

As mentioned, there isn't any sign of this mysterious 90 Day Fiancé spinoff yet on TLC's schedule. There are plenty of other shows on the 2023 TV schedule, however, so be sure to take a look at what's coming up and worth binging in the coming weeks. 

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