Were Friends’ Ross And Rachel Really On A Break? Celebrity Astrologist Drops Thoughts And An F-Bomb

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer as Rachel and Ross on Friends
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Were Jennifer Aniston's Rachel and David Schwimmer's Ross really on a break? Yes and no, depending on who you ask. While Friends fans have remained divided ever since the couple’s second break-up, there has never been a definitive answer - until now, that is. A celebrity astrologer has weighed in (with the help of an F-bomb) on the couple's so-called break, finally giving fans an answer to the age-old question. 

On her most recent episode of People TV’s Celebrity Astrology Investigation, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly takes a deeper look into the birth charts behind one of television’s most famous couples. Using her celestial expertise, she breaks down the zodiac signs for each Friends character. (Monica and Chandler are both Aries, Phoebe is an Aquarius, and Joey doesn’t have a canonical birthday, so Aliza labels him as a Pisces). She also focuses on the compatibility between Rachel and Ross. According to Kelly, the characters' canon signs make sense: 

Ross is a Libra, and that works because Ross is obsessed with love, he’s always in a partnership. Those are very Libra traits. Rachel is a Taurus, which I think tracks because she works at Bloomingdale’s, and she’s a little materialistic and she loves clothes... Yeah, stereotype Taurus could be that.

Fair enough. Moving on to Ross and Rachel’s famous break, Aliza Kelly honed in on the compatibility between the couple’s respective zodiac signs. So what did the stars have to say about it? A lot, apparently. The astrologer elaborated: 

Astrologically, were they on a break? Oh wait, this just in: yes, they were on a fucking break. The cosmos agree. According to the literal canon, Ross was a Libra and Rachel was a Taurus. Both of these signs are governed by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so I would totally believe this narrative. When it comes to romance, Libras often like to keep their options open and Tauruses are as loyal as they get. So, this iconic miscommunication definitely makes sense.

So, there you have it: Rachel and Ross were officially on a break. After all, the stars don’t lie. While Ross may have seen the break as an opportunity to see other people, Rachel was under the impression that he simply needed some space. Either way, they probably should have discussed some ground rules. All’s well that ends well, however, since the two ended up together by the series finale.

Aliza Kelly also discussed the birth charts of David Scwhimmer and Jennifer Aniston. After the duo admitted to having had feelings for each other on the Friends reunion special, many fans wondered if the pair would date IRL. Unfortunately, Kelly doesn’t think it’s written in the stars. While Schwimmer’s Scorpio nature and Aniston’s Aquarius sun sign share several character traits, those similarities are also their downfall:

They’re both deeply loyal, steadfast, and stubborn. And this probably explains why neither of them took the relationship to the next level in the 1990s, and unfortunately why I think it's highly unlikely they'll end up sparking that flame today.

Sorry, Friends fans. It looks like the two celebrities aren’t meant to be. But hey, we’ll always have Rachel and Ross. For more astrological info on the rest of the cast, check out the full video below: 

These are certainly some interesting factoids for fans to consider, and they may or may not reframe how some view the series. If you're looking to revisit the characters and their respective actors, know that Friends and Friends: The Reunion are available to stream now on HBO Max. 

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