How Kim Kardashian May Set A New Trend In Her Divorce From Kanye West

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Normally, the Kardashians are credited with setting trends for impossible hourglass figures and risky fashion choices. (They are also simultaneously criticized for those aspects.) However, Kim Kardashian is going in a different direction lately when it comes to her personal affairs. She filed for divorce from her husband of nearly seven years, Kanye West, in February and, while the legal proceedings are still ongoing, they might just establish a new trend as well.

Months after the media mogul filed, her estranged rapper husband became vocal in the press that he hasn't seen or heard about the so-called divorce paperwork at all. The Grammy winner clearly doesn't want the split to become official, but the former E! reality star is apparently done with the stalling. Kim Kardashian's legal team, in fact, filed motions in court recently for her to be deemed “legally single” and to reinstate her maiden name. By doing so, she would be free by law to move on with her life while they still figure out assets and child custody arrangements in court separately.

High-profile New York City family law attorney Nancy Chemtob believes the star's legal maneuver will set a new precedent, per Insider. Chemtob explained that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum marks the first-known celebrity to use the term “legally single” in her divorce request for reasons related to the other party not complying with the process. The attorney, who has worked in wealthy divorce settlements since 1995, thinks that other “frustrated divorces” will start using the same strategy more often in the future.

The SKIMS founder has officially passed her own bar exam – the “baby bar,” that is – following a few failed attempts. So perhaps she's applying what she has learned about the law to her own divorce. Kanye West has reflected himself that some spectators haven’t wanted his “wife” to become a lawyer because her influence on her fans could mean a shift to more serious endeavors/trends. But the rapper might just want to check the validity of still referring to Kardashian as his wife, especially since reports claim she's not to fond of him referring to her that way, at this point.

Prior to Kim Kardashian's attempts to move the divorce and her single status forward, the father of her four kids has made several sincere pleas to change her mind. The frequently controversial rapper seemingly copped to cheating on his wife at some point in their marriage in his tenth studio album. He also made a public “Thanksgiving Prayer” further stipulating all the ways he had wronged Kardashian. And just recently, he called her out by name while performing at a charity benefit.

It's a major effort on Kanye West's part but, it's apparently too little, too late. His estranged wife wants to be single and, if she succeeds with this new kind of legal request, she'll be heading into a new phase of her life that could even include a potential new romance.

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