No Big Deal, Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Just Rented An Entire Theater For Their Latest Outing

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
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The apparent romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson may honestly be one of the most surprising developments to come out of 2021. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been entertaining to keep up with. While the two have yet to make their relationship status official, they’ve been spotted hanging out on a number of occasions. The reported meetups have been relatively normal (for a celebrity couple) at this point. But their latest outing involved them renting out an entire movie theater for themselves. I mean... no big deal, right?

Atrium Stadium Cinemas, which is located in Staten Island, is the establishment that welcomed the two for their most recent date. TMZ spoke with the theater’s manager, Jesse Scarola, who explained that the two rented out the location in order to partake in a private screening of Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci. The stars apparently entered the place in a relatively subtle way, but they eventually ended up talking with fans and tacking pictures, which they’ve been known to do from time to time. Just a few weeks ago, the pair actually took some snapshots with a tourist in Beverly Hills. 

This is actually the second trip the two celebrities have made to the movie house in just the last few days. They reportedly had another movie night there this past Saturday and were joined by Scott Disick. Their screening apparently occurred just hours before Saturday Night Live kicked off. However, the Suicide Squad star ultimately didn’t report for duty due to the live show scaling back on its staff for the week.

Though this latest theater visit may sound a bit grandiose, there seems to have been some personal reasoning behind it. The cinema is apparently a classic hangout for Pete Davidson, who grew up in Staten Island. According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian has been making an effort to familiarize herself with the people at the theater. This does make sense, as the starlet has seemingly been acclimating herself to other parts of her purported boyfriend’s stomping grounds, thanks to their New York-based rendezvous. It’s also interesting to note that Davidson reportedly still frequents the spot alongside his friends. 

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the SNL breakout were first spotted together at a theme park in late October. While the two were spotted holding hands, sources alleged, at the time, that the two were friends and simply rolled in the same social circles. Since then, reports have claimed the two were set up by SKIMS founder’s friends, who encouraged her to go for it with the comedian. Apparently, though, they also expressed concern for her getting too heavily involved, especially considering her current marital situation. 

Kim Kardashian is currently in the process of divorcing her estranged husband, Kanye West and most recently filed to be declared legally single. While legal documents show that Kardasahian is aiming to move on, West claims he’s yet to see any paperwork. The rapper has been making a number of appeals to his spouse, in an attempt to get her back. As of right now, he’s yet to comment publicly on Kardashian’s alleged new love but, if rumors are to be believed, the musician himself was seeing someone new a few months ago. 

What becomes of this rumored romance is anyone’s guess at this point. And due to the lack of confirmation on it, even those closest to them (like Pete Davidson’s SNL co-stars) can only speculate. We’ll just have to wait and see if they choose to go Instagram official (without the help of a photo share from Flavor Flav). In the meantime, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Davidson continues to troll fans on the matter as he continues with the high-profile hangouts.

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