Seven months after Daredevil premiered successfully on Netflix, Marvel released the next show for the streaming service: Jessica Jones. Based on the Alias series from writer Brian Michael Bendis, Jessica Jones followed the eponymous character's life as a private investigator one year after she was tortured and raped by the mind-controlling Kilgrave. When he returns to her life, she's forced to step up and try to stop him, no matter what darkness she finds along the way. It's perhaps the darkest entry yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but like Daredevil, it earned praise from fans and critics alike.

Two months after it premiered, Marvel announced that Jessica Jones would return for a second season. It will be a while until the series makes its grand return on Netflix, but in the meantime, we've gathered up all the information released so far on what to expect from the sophomore season and possible plot points it might adapt from the comics. Here's what we know about Jessica Jones Season 2.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 1 from this point forward.

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The Release Date

No release date has been set for Jessica Jones Season 2 yet, and while we originally speculated that it could premiere sometime in 2016. that obviously didn't happen. Since Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher have 2017 all covered, the soonest we can expect Jessica Jones' second season to come out is in 2018 at the earliest, presumably sometime after Daredevil Season 3 is released to the masses.

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The Showrunner

Unlike Daredevil, which saw Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez take over showrunning duties following Steven DeKnight's departure, it looks like Jessica Jones will keep Melissa Rosenberg in charge for its second season. Before Jessica Jones, Rosenberg's TV credits included Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Birds of Prey, The O.C. and Dexter. She's also notable for writing all the Twilight movies. Considering how well received Jessica Jones Season 1 was, Marvel is wise to keep Rosenberg as showrunner. Hopefully, the quality of the series can be maintained and even exceeded.

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The Plot

As the time of this writing, no details about Jessica Jones Season 2's plot have been officially disclosed, and there weren't that many clues left towards the show's future at the end of Season 1. The only major plot thread left hanging was the mysterious organization IGH, which not only supplied Will Simpson with his Combat Enhancers (more on that later), but also paid Jessica's medical bills following the car crash that killed her mother, father and brother. It's still unclear whether they were the ones who caused the crash or if they even somehow gave her those special abilities, but there's definitely a connection, and now that Trish has those files she received from her mother, she and Jessica should be able to dig up some information. These folks are too important not to follow up on. Maybe IGH was also connected to the experiments that Kilgrave's parents were running on him and other children.

Aside from IGH, the only other thing that's guaranteed is Jessica protecting her section of New York City from another threat, whether that threat has special abilities or is simply resourceful. Besides Kilgrave, other villains Jessica has battled in the comics are Norman Osborn and Typhoid Mary, but it seems more likely that the show will pluck a bad guy from a different corner of the Marvel universe. Presumably, Jessica's appearance in The Defenders will also lay the foundation for Jessica Jones Season 2, seeing as how Season 2 arrives after that miniseries.

krysten ritter jessica jones marvel netflix

Jessica Jones

Over 13 episodes, we saw how much Kilgrave's manipulation had tainted Jessica's life, and once she discovered he was still alive, she immediately set out to stop his reign of terror. While originally intending to simply imprison him and have him confess his crimes, Hope's death pushed her to end him permanently. It helped that he no longer had any control over Jessica, allowing her to deceive him into trusting her and snuffing out his life in an instant. The monster who ruined her life was finally gone.

Unfortunately, post-traumatic stress doesn't just go away, and even though Kilgrave is dead, he's still going to loom over her life. Along with the other tragedies she's dealt with, Jessica is a hardened individual, and that's not likely to change. So, while following her career as a private investigator, Season 2 will also continue to explore her struggling with her inner demons. While it's doubtful she'll ever fully embrace being a superhero, maybe she can at least move closer to feeling more at peace with the world.

Rachael Taylor trish walker on jessica jones marvel netflix

Trish Walker

After Jessica was first controlled by Kilgrave, she cut off contact with Trish Walker, her best friend and adoptive sister, to keep her safe. When the madman returned, Trish helped out as best as she could this time around, using her radio show as a platform to let people know about Kilgrave and assisting Jessica and Will Simpson (again, we'll touch on him later) with ops. In the Season 1 finale, she was nearly turned into Kilgrave's sex slave, but fortunately Jessica was able to eliminate him before that happened. We also saw in flashbacks that Trish was pushing Jessica to use her powers to help others, so if anyone can convince the private eye to go full-superhero, it's her.

Speaking of being a superhero, comic book fans know that on the printed page, Trish Walker also fights crime as Hellcat. Rachael Taylor recently expressed interest in becoming Hellcat, and Trish's martial arts training in Season 1 could surely set her up to battle goons by herself. Maybe if Luke Cage doesn't come back to Jessica Jones or only plays a minimal role in Season 2, then the show can fit in a second superhero. Trish was also investigating IGH near the end of the season, meaning that she'll probably be the one to find the next clues about what this organization is.

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Jeri Hogarth

Jeri Hogarth started out strong at the beginning of Jessica Jones. She was one of New York City's top lawyers, she was either respected or feared by everyone around her, and she was leaving her wife, Wendy, for her young secretary, Pam (I didn't say all her actions were admirable). Unfortunately, her refusal to acknowledge how dangerous Kilgrave was sent her life spiraling downward. Mistakenly believing she could use him to force Wendy to sign the divorce papers, he instead commanded Wendy to kill her during one of his escapes, and the only reason Jeri survived was because Pam killed Wendy. Now Pam is languishing in prison for defending Jeri and refuses her help after seeing how ruthless she is. The only thing Jeri has left is her career, and even that took a beating over Season 1.

While Jeri is still a valuable resource to Jessica, it's unclear if we'll see her again in Season 2. After everything she went through, it's understandable if she didn't want anything to do with Jessica's unusual life, especially if it involves another super-powered threat. On the other hand, Jeri did pop up at the end of Daredevil Season 2 to bring Foggy Nelson into her firm (which pave the way for her being involved in Daredevil Season 3), and she guest-starred in a few Iron Fist episodes to help Danny Rand with some legal troubles. So, while another Jessica Jones appearance isn't 100% guaranteed just yet, Jeri has more connections to superpowered folk than ever before, so the likelihood that she'll run into Jessica again seems strong.

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Luke Cage

Luke Cage was one of the first Marvel heroes announced to get his own Netflix show, but before his solo series kicked off, viewers got to meet him in Jessica Jones. Of all the main characters on the series, Luke was arguably the most mysterious. Here's what we learned about his life before meeting Jessica Jones at his bar: He somehow gained super strength and indestructible skin, and his wife Reva was killed by Jessica after Kilgrave commanded her to. That's it. Fortunately, he played a key role in the present as Jessica Jones' lover, giving her someone to become close to. When they last saw each other, Luke had been brainwashed by Kilgrave to kill Jessica, and the only way she could stop him was by shooting him in the face with a shotgun. Luke recovered thanks to Claire Temple's care, but he didn't reunite with Jessica after she defeated Kilgrave.

In Luke's own series, we learned more about his past, including how he became "enhanced." Jessica Jones was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his story. That said, whether Mike Colter will reprise Luke for Jessica Jones Season 2 is unclear. If he has other projects he's working on, he may not have time to return to the show, or at least not as a main character. Still, their relationship was left hanging at the end of Season 1, so it would be nice if there was some resolution. At least fans can take comfort knowing that the two of them will reunite this year in The Defenders.

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Even after Jessica freed police officer Will Simpson from Kilgrave's control, we could tell that something was off about the guy. While Will did want to stop Kilgrave like the other protagonists, his black and white view of the world clashed with Jessica's methods, and often times he was more aggressive than he needed to be. All this came to a head when Will decided his only remaining option was to get back in touch with the IGH folks and start taking Combat Enhancers again, granting him enhanced strength, stamina and healing, just like his comic book counterpart. The downside was that they also drove him insane, to the point that he killed Detective Oscar Clemons and tried to kill Jessica. After he was overpowered by Trish when she was juiced up on the pills, Will was taken by IGH members when Trish and Jessica were at the hospital, and his whereabouts are a mystery.

Will's disappearance is too important not to follow up on in Season 2. As mentioned earlier, IGH is somehow connected to Jessica, so as she and Trish investigate them, they're bound to learn what happened to Will. There's also the issue of what IGH has planned for Will. We know they wanted him to officially go back to the program, but why? Do they want him back in the field, or is there more sinister work afoot? We need answers!

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Malcolm Ducasse

When we first met Malcolm, he was a junkie living in Jessica's building with whom she had occasional run-ins. We later learned that his drug habit was thanks to Kilgrave, who was also forcing him to spy on Jessica. Once Jessica was able to free him from Kilgrave's control, he gave up the drugs (though one can never be fully cured from addiction) and began helping others who had also fallen under Kilgrave's control. His relationship with Jessica had its ups and downs, and at one point he considered excising her from his life, but he stuck with her to the end.

The way he answered her Alias Investigations phone in the final moments of Season 1 made it seem like he was staying with her for the foreseeable future, either just as a friend or also helping her out with the business. However, Malcolm wasn't really the most crucial character in Jessica Jones, at least in the latter half of the season. His emotional support was welcome, but plot-wise he didn't play much of a role. So, while it'd be great to have him back, his return isn't guaranteed, at least for now.

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For 13 episodes, Kilgrave, originally named Kevin Thompson, antagonized everyone in Jessica Jones' life, not to mention a decent-sized portion of New York City. He used his mind control whenever he pleased and didn't give a damn about ruining the lives of others. Despite catching him in a vulnerable position a few times, it didn't seem like it was possible to end his reign of terror. Fortunately, when Jessica realized she'd developed an immunity to his control because of all that time with him, she knew she could finally stop him once and for all, and after some trickery in the Season 1 finale, she finally snapped his neck. While superhero stories have always allowed for death to be more easily escapable, it doesn't look like Kilgrave will come back to life in Season 2, especially given the more realistic nature of the Netflix shows. However, there's always the chance we could see David Tennant reprise Kilgrave as a hallucination Jessica sees. Just because he's dead doesn't mean he won't still have a presence in her life.




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