Ubisoft scores a huge win amidst DRM controversy, gaining tons of praise from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon all while a Uplay foul-up allows people to torrent the standalone expansion for free (talk about self-inflicted epic fail). Capcom delays Lost Planet 3 to August and Batman: Arkham Origins is announced, making it the big reveal of the week. These stories and more in this April 13th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

America's Army Proving Ground Now Accepting Beta Testers, First Image Released Get into the game and test out the latest version of America's Army.

League of Legends Adding Lissandra Ice Witch Soon A new hero is invading LoL and she's one frosty witch.

Black Rock Shooter Game Coming To North America, Europe The portable title taking Japan by storm will be making its way Stateside and across the Pond later this year.

Remember Me System Requirements Released Find out if your gaming rig is up to snuff for this upcoming third-person shooter.

Lifeless Planet Launching Later This Year The team has been working hard to bring this game about a lifeless planet to life later this year as the title takes shape and form.

Sang-Froid Tale of Werewolves Now Available On Steam Saving your sister from a bunch of hungry werewolves never looked so fun.

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