The creator of Fez II cuts the game's lifespan short very early after having an absolute meltdown on Twitter following some very toxic arguments with trolls. 2K Games has a new XCOM game in the works, and Square and Eidos are also working to get a new Tomb Raider out for the next-gen consoles. These stories and more in this August 3rd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Starbound Devs Ask Gamers Which PlayStation Platform They Should Port The Game To PSV, PS3 or PS4? It's a bit surprising which system gamers requested the most.

Nintendo Discusses Wii U, Indie Dev Approval Process, NDAs, Certification Curious what the process is for getting approved and regulated as a Nintendo approved developer? Check out this handy article.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Won't End The Series This is good news for people who can't get enough of Kingdom Hearts.

Ms. Germinator Wiping out Viruses on PS3, PS Vita Soon The new puzzle game will arrive for Sony's consoles sooner rather than later.

Fez 2 Canceled, Fish Throws Twitter Tantrum Phil Fish has officially become the Kanye West of video games.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Details Modes, Costumes, Pre-Order Items Tecmo rolls out some additional details for the latest fighting game.

Warframe Being Considered For Release on Xbox One Digital Extremes' highly popular space-ninja game could be arriving very soon for Microsoft's next-gen console alongside the PS4 version.

Michael Biehn Says Workingo n Aliens: Colonial Marines Wasn't Fun At All Why? Because it was passionless and felt like a cash-in. His words, not mine.

Devs Added Boob Jiggling to Lightning The thinly framed warrior gets an upgraded boost in her sex appeal.

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