BlizzCon 2011 is happening as I type this out. What does that mean? It means that there’s plenty of Blizzard content to embrace over the weekend and more than likely all throughout next week. In the meantime Blizzard has already unveiled World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria as well as a sparkling new campaign that sees new and returning subscribers to World of Wacraft receiving a free copy of Diablo III. Does it get any better than that? Yes, yes it does. Microsoft has finally confirmed Kinect support for Halo: Anniversary along with a few other noteworthy features. Find out more with these stories and plenty of media, assets and everything else in between in this October 22nd, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


Industry Blend: Most Underrated Video Game of All Time: Omikron Agree or disagree? Check out the article to see why this game is so underrated.

NYCC 2011: Galactus Playable Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Eat planets, devour galaxies, become the most feared being that wears purple spandex.

Dark Souls Speed Run Takes Less Than Two hours. Yes, some legit dude played through the game in less than two hours. Insane.

Halo Anniversary Goes Gold, Kinect Support Detailed The controller free…er…controller, now has added support for Halo.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tops Steam Charts 3 Weeks In A Row Activision must be proud.

Costume Quest Arrives For PC A brand new game is now available for the PC.

Max Payne 3 Preview: Bald Is Beautiful A lot of the gameplay stays intact with brand new features as well.


DICE Says Battlefield 3 Beta Was Huge Success Even though the net-trollz have come out in full force to bark up a storm on Battlefield 3’s beta, DICE says that it did what it was intended to do.

Herman Cain 9-9-9 Tax Plan Sparks $9.99 Sale On Origin Electronic Arts is capitalizing on the popular tax plan from the GOP candidate and their very own SimCity 4.

Child Aggression Linked To Profanity In Video Games, Movies Letting your kid hear a bunch of swear words could turn them into a psycho-murdering rapists with bad anger issues. No, I’m just kidding…or am I?

Sledgehammer Defends Call of Duty Engine A lot of people are calling it old, but it looks like some people are defending the crap out of it.

EA May Close Harry Potter Developer Well, even money sometimes isn’t enough to keep some studios open.

Second Sonic Generations Demo Coming To PSN, Xbox Live If the first demo didn’t completely convince you, the second demo just might.

Dante Prettied Up For Devil May Cry HD Collection Don’t worry, the emo Dante is sitting this one out.


SOCOM 4 Demolition Mode Evac Co-op DLC Announced

Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunters Club DLC Program Revealed A nice season pass for everyone who wants forthcoming Uncharted 3 DLC.

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Arrives In November for PC, PS3, Wii A nice, cheap little alternative to all the other big-budget shooters out there.

Unity Predicts No More Home Consoles After PS4, Xbox 720 Say goodbye to big budget home consoles after this next gen. Well, that’s what Unity thinks.

Toyota Concept Car Debuts In Social Network Racer Test drive the new Toyota in the Facebook Flash Player 11 game.

NeoWiz Announces Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG, Bless A brand new game runningo n the Unreal Engine 3.

iPhone App Lets Gamers Pelt Modern Day Slavers With Tomatoes It’s shocking this kind of thing still exists…in America.

Payday The Heist Hits PSN Well, it’s sort of finally here.

Batman Arkham City Launch Celebrated With ScreenshotsOne of the most highly anticipated games of the year finally becomes available.

Modern Warfare 3 Special Edition Keyboard and Mouse Announced By Logitech Whether you like Call of Duty or not, you must admit that Logitech’s peripheral combo looks wicked cool.

Sims 3 Pets Review Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rule Latest Sims Expansion Kelly West breaks down the latest expansion for the Sims 3.


MLB 11 The Show Predicts World Series Winner Well, see it for yourself and check if they’re right.

Final Fantasy Type-0 proves Square Doesn’t Know How To Promote Final Fantasy The proof is in the pudding.

DLC Sales Might Top $1 Billion Next Year

World of Darkness MMO Team Significantly Reduced CCP bites off a little bit more than they can chew for all their games.

EA Says Origin To Become Social Network, Has 5 Million Daily Users Inflated numbers or not, it’s sort of true.

Golden Age Enters Closed Beta, Sign-Ups Still Open Register to start taking over yet another medieval fantasy universe.

NFL Blitz HD Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 One of the most fun football games of all time makes a return to the current gen consoles.

Age of Monsters Brings Rock, Paper, Scissors to iPhone.

Harrison Ford Plays and Actually Enjoys Uncharted 3 Who knew Han Solo would be so good at playing an Indiana Jones clone?

PlayStation Vita Release Date Announced for North America and Europe. Find out when you’ll be able to pick up your copy of the popular, next-gen handheld.


Nvidia Powers Up BlizzCon 2011 With GTX Demo Rigs Play some of your favorite Blizzard games on some of the most powerful gaming machines on Earth.

Buttonless: Incredible iPhone and iPad Games Set For Holiday release A book about the process to becoming a grand-fantastic iOS developer.

Xbox 360s Without HDDs Get Standard Def Version Of Battlefield 3 A high-res texture pack is only available if you have the storage space.

Activision Stock Analysis Shows Without CoD, WoW, They Have Nothing The numbers don’t lie.

Project Draco Powered By Unreal Engine 3, Release Set For 2012 Fans of Panzer Dragoon finally get the long awaited dragon arcade game they’ve been hoping for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Strike Packages Revealed In Behind The Scenes Video Get a glimpse at the latest addition to MW3 in the new video.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Screenshots Fight bear, Orc, Draugr Lord Brand new combat screenshots for Elder Scrolls V.

PSN Exclusive Pinballistik Arriving November 1st Check out the exclusive new pinball game for PSN.

Gears of War 3 RAAM Shadow DLC Is A Prequel Curious what the campaign content will be like? Click the link to get the details.


L.A. Noire Complete Edition Coming To PS3, Xbox 360, Too PC gamers aren’t the only ones getting some special L.A. Noire treatment.

Rockstar Says They Only Scratched The Surface With GTA IV Good news for people looking to Rockstar to do even more with the franchise.

Dev Says Blacklight Retribution Looks As Good As A $60 Retail Game Well…does it?

BlizzCon 2011: Blizzard DOTA Trailer Features Epic Battle Between Red Versus Blue

Soul Calibur V Release Date Set With Ezio Gameplay Trailer

Portal DLC 2 Adds Map Editor Build, create and share some intellectually electrifying content for Portal 2.

Warner Bros Interactive To Publish Witcher 2 For Xbox 360 North Americans will be able to purchase The Witcher 2 from store shelves…for the Xbox 360!

Xbox 360 Sales Down, Profits Down, Revenue Up; Xbox 720 Hints What sort of hints? Well, you’ll have to click the link to find out.

Video Game Community Managers: It’s Like Being On The Front line Yeah I bet…especially with all those whining little – well you get the picture.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 System Requirements Announced, PC Features Detailed Just over two weeks from release and Activision has decided to release some additional details on the upcoming shooter.

Mass Effect 3 Demo Unlocked Early For Battlefield 3 Owners Not only do you get a great game but you get an extra demo for a great game. Uber bonus!

Gears of War 3’s Second Add-on Offers More Co-op Now that’s what I like to hear, er, read.

Rockstar Releases Brand New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Dungeon Defenders Review An XBLA review of the newest co-op RPG strategy game from Trendy Entertainment. Find out if the game was worth the wait and the MS Points.

New Batch of Videos For Lord of the Rings: War in the North Introduces The Characters Find out who the main players are in a series of new trailers for War in the North.

Analyst Suggests PS3 Launch In 2013, Xbox 720 In 2014 Are the next gen consoles taking too long or do you think we could do with a few more years of the 360 and PS3?

That wraps up this jam packed, rocket-busting edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can mark out to the awesome new launch trailer for Battlefield 3 below. Enjoy.

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