DayZ gets added to Steam's database as an early access entry, and Dean “Rocket” Hall is surprised at how fast the internet noticed (though he shouldn't be, since it's basically like Kinect 2.0 before Microsoft neutered it down to something reasonable). EA decided to delay the Sims 4 but had a peace offering with a new expansion pack for the Sims 3. And Sony has gone and done it... they went and put the Streisand effect into full bloom by attempting to stop the nudity from Beyond: Two Souls from spreading across the internet. Good luck, Sony... good luck. These stories and more in this October 26th edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Developers Try Legally Blocking Negative Criticism of Day One: Garry's Incident A scary incident occurs where criticism and critiques are culpable of being blocked by the content creator.

Watch Dogs Was Delayed Due To Stiff Holiday Competition, Says Pachter According to analyst Michael Pachter Watch Dogs isn't delayed due to polish but because of the crowded holiday line-up.

Xbox One Dev Claims They Have Just As Many Pre-Orders As PS4 Yeah sure... so how about we see them numbers?

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Level 30 Impressions Find out what it's like living in the high-level life of Square's MMO.

Endless Space Adds Free Search Auriga Expansion In November

Happy Wars Celebrates First Year With Big Announcement Excellent news for fans of XBLA's Happy Wars.

Scale Lets You Shrink and Enlarge The World A new game lets players manipulate the size of the world, similar to Garry's Mod and his tool gun.

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