A week of resolution wars. That's mostly what we had. The Xbox One and PS4 battled over the domain of 1080ps and 60fps or 1080ps and 30fps or 900ps and 60fps. The whole thing turned into a bigger pissing contest than an actual beer-pissing contest at a Kentucky beer ranch. However, all it does is verify that gamers on the side of the green and black brand will be getting lesser and lesser quality games when it comes to graphics in multiplatform titles. If you're okay with being second place, then you're okay with owning an Xbox One. But as the old saying goes: Second place is the first loser in the eyes of first place.

But it's not all about resolution measuring. A lot of the news circulated around things like Elder Scrolls Online, the PS Vita outselling the PS4 in Japan, and a brand new DayZ-style MMO being announced by Sony Online Entertainment for PC and PS4 called H1Z1. These stories and more in this April 12th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

5 Reasons Elder Scrolls Online Is Better Than Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls Online has launched and the game could prove to be pretty big. The game has a few things that Gaming Blend's own Pete Haas pops off five reasons why ESO is better than Skyrim. If you're not concerned with the dealings of an MMO, but you're more worried about whether or not Titanfall on the Xbox 360 will be as good as Titanfall on the Xbox One, you can check out some screenshots to get a pre-release taste of the goodies.

Why Is DayZ Not On PS4 And Xbox One?
The developers behind DayZ explain why the game hasn't made the jump to the eighth-gen consoles just yet. The response is highly unsurprising if you're used to this kind of stuff. Also, Minecraft has brought Titanfall to gamers through a mod called Ironfall. I'm sure Xbox One gamers won't be able to tell a difference with the resolution between Minecraft and Titanfall on the XB1. Speaking of Titanfall and resolution... you can see just how muddied the Xbox 360 version looks by comparison. If graphic whoring isn't your thing, you're likely to find some good times in games like Boss Monster or Goat Simulator.

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