If you like this little thing called “suspense”, then the first week of September was chock full of it. In fact, there were enough surprises and twists to make M. Night blush with envy. Timesplitters was confirmed to be in development for the PS4, much to the delight of future-PS4 owners. Diablo III's review scores sort of prove the definitive version of the game is for consoles and that the PC Master Race got screwed over with the release of the game last year. Speaking of the PC Master Race, the Steam hardware survey results for August seemed to indicate that there aren't quite as many silver-haired masters as we once thought. These stories and more in this September 7th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Halo On Xbox One Is Called Halo 5? New snippets of detail seems to lend itself to this idea.

Diablo 3 Console Review Round-Up For Xbox 360, PS3 Gets Two Thumbs Up The review scores have spoken and Diablo 3 is good.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Gets Mass Effect DLC Love the N7 armor from Mass Effect? Well, you'll be able to sport it in the upcoming DLC for the 360 version of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn First Impressions A first-hand preview of the game after playing for a bit.

Terraria iOS Review: A Cheaper, Clumsier Brother How well does the mobile version of the game hold up? Not bad but it's clumsy... real clumsy.

Big Publishers Abusing DLC, Expansion Packs Have Hurt Indie Devs Whenever an indie dev wants to experiment with DLC it's now an uphill struggle.

Samurai Gun, Road Not Taken, VVVVVV Coming To PS3, PSV Popular indie games are scheduled to arrive on Sony's many platforms.

Mega Man Creator Heads To Kickstarter To Make The Game Capcom Never Will The Mega Man game you all deserve can't be made, but Keiji Inafune is going to come awfully close with The Mighty No. 9.

GTA IV Multiplayer Server Mod Allows For 128-Player Mayhem It's not quite as destructive or as big as the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta, but it comes close enough.

Sweet Fuse Now Available On PSP, PS Vita Another experimental game lands on Sony's portable consoles.

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