After Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Were Photographed Making Out, Fans Are Upset He Looks Like A Bad Kisser

Ever since Harry Styles first auditioned for The X Factor and joined the mega-popular boy band One Direction back in 2010, millions of young fans most likely fantasized about locking lips with the multihyphenate. He and his Don’t Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde may have split after two years, but it doesn’t mean Styles is necessarily off the market. This pop star/actor was spotted making out with model Emily Ratajkowski. But fans didn’t exactly get a “watermelon sugar high” at the sight of this make-out sesh, resulting in newfound theories that he’s a bad kisser.

Fans didn’t seem to have a problem watching Harry Styles making out with his co-star Florence Pugh in the first footage of their movie Don’t Worry Darling. But you don’t exactly receive supervision from a director when you’re kissing in real life. After the Dunkirk actor was seen in a DailyMail video kissing model Emily Ratajkowski outside a vehicle on the streets of Tokyo, folks on the internet noticed a startling discovery- that Styles appears in their eyes to look like a bad kisser. One Twitter user would prefer to live in a world of denial that the British heartthrob’s kissing is subpar.

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Guess a lot of teenage fantasies are going out the window after witnessing this make-out sesh. Another tweet basically declared the evidence in the video of Styles moving those lips of his against Ratajkowski in a seemingly awkward fashion speaks for itself.

harry styles you are not a good kisser

It makes sense why fans are in shock at this display of affection that Styles is presenting. Other than the PDA he was packing on Olivia Wilde in the two years they were together, he’s been with television presenter Caroline Flack from 2011 to 2012, singer Taylor Swift with their relationship finished back in 2012, and French-American model Camille Rowe from 2017 to 2018. So he’s clearly had plenty of lip-on-lip action experience. This Twitter post sees a bright side to the recent revelation of the Grammy winner’s kissing.

if you ever feel bad about yourself, just think about the fact that you cannot be a worse kisser than harry styles.

Some fans have been pondering if maybe the "As It Was" singer just isn’t giving it his all with Ratajkowski. This tweeter figures maybe Styles wasn’t really into the kiss.

“harry styles is a bad kisser” or does he not to want to kiss those people.

Before people judge the kiss, I think it’s important to truly look at the video once again. According to Ratajkowski’s movements in the video, she’s holding Styles’ hand while kissing him. Her other hand is also caressing Styles’ face as she continues showing him affection. So she’s presumably not suffering here. And you’d have to be the one kissing the Brit Award winner to know how he factors on the “good kisser” scale than this video. 

If you’d like to take a second look at Harry Styles’ lip action, you can watch his performances in Don’t Worry Darling on your HBO Max subscription and My Policeman on your Amazon Prime subscription

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