Brie Larson’s Been Getting Into Fashion Lately, And Holy Captain Marvel Abs

Actress Brie Larson is super active on social media, giving the public a glimpse into the Oscar winning actress’ life. Fans are eager to see her return to the MCU as Carol Danvers in The Marvels. Playing one of the most powerful heroes in the entire franchise. Larson’s also been getting into fashion lately, and holy Captain Marvel abs.

For years now, Brie Larson has been working hard on her physical fitness, revealing that feeling strong makes her job playing Captain Marvel easier. She’s also been rocking some sweet new outfits as of late, as she recently explained that she’s getting more into fashion in 2022. Larson’s latest Instagram post definitely shows off a killer fit, as well as her washboard abs. Check it out for yourself below,

Watch out Marvel villains, because Captain Marvel is looking super ripped ahead of The Marvels. While Brie Larson definitely looks stylish AF in this new image, it’s hard to take one’s eyes off of her abs. Clearly those intense home gym workouts have been paying off for the Room actress. Hey, Chris Hamsworth can’t be the only ripped superhero in the MCU.

The above image from Brie Larson’s personal Instagram was posted for her whopping 7 million followers on the social media outlet. And it’s sure to be shared by even more. She left the post caption-less, aside from a blue heart. Instead she’s letting the clothes and her abs do the talking. And that worked, with almost half a million likes on the post at the time of writing.

As previously mentioned, Brie Larson has been putting a ton of workouts in to continue playing Captain Marvel in Nia DaCosta’s The Marvels. The actress invested in a massive home gym, and is constantly sharing clips of her hardcore workouts. That includes a ton of work on her core, which has resulted in those crazy abs.

While Brie Larson is only getting started as one of the MCU’s most powerful heroes, that’s not her only opportunity to kick ass on the big screen. She was recently confirmed for a role in Fast & Furious 10, after campaigning to join the massive action property. Her role remains a mystery, but hopefully she’ll be able to flex those action muscles (literally) when interacting with Vin Diesel and the family.

Still, moviegoers are perhaps most excited to see Brie Larson back in the MCU with her upcoming role in The Marvels. The Captain Marvel sequel will pair Carol Danvers with two more female heroes: WandaVision’s Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan. Fans are also curious to learn more about the history of Larson's signature character, as there are entire decades still unaccounted for.

The Marvels is currently expected to arrive in theaters on February 17th, 2023. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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