Florence Pugh's Mum Stood Guard For Latest See-Through Fashion Moment: ‘Put A Quick Sparkly Thong On, Then Keep It Casual’

Florence Pugh basically broke the Internet a few months back when she freed the nipple on the red carpet, marking a notable moment in her relationship with the fashion design house Valentino. Since, she’s worn more sheer looks for the brand, including this weekend when she threw on a thong, a see-through skirt and a sweater, you know, just keeping it casual. 

The look was giving some Megan Fox see-through vibes (which is a good thing because Fox’s social media has been a desolate landscape of late), and while she proudly rocked a thong for some pro photos, her mum stood in the background, standing guard like her celeb daughter’s “female security squad,” as she put it. That’s her mom in the fashionable suit in the back right.

Florence Pugh's mom stands guard as she rocks thong and see-through skirt.

(Image credit: (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images))

Pugh was in France for Paris Fashion Week, and sported the look for Valentino’s Womenswear Fall Winter 2023-2024 show. She’s been a bit of a muse for the brand in recent months and a lot of the looks she has rocked – the infamous pink one of course but also a separate free the nipple look for Paris Fashion Week last fall – have blown up thanks to her support.

It seems like her mother is in full support of the looks as well, as Pugh took to stories to share the photo above of her "mum" standing guard. She also captioned the photo: 

Mum and Rebecca in the background like my female security squad. Love it.

While her mom was there for this epic fashion moment (they even posed for some pics together at another point), Florence Pugh’s had to clap back at some haters over some of her fashion moments in the past. The good news for the actress? These days sheer outfits are less of a novelty than they were a few months ago, and so instead of defending the look, the actress got to celebrate it with another funny post on Instagram, writing: 

Like.. Mohawk, pixie, swirly thingy, punk, greasy, Smokey eye with diamonds on, put a quick sparkly thong on, but then keep it casual with a grey sweater. Ya know? Thank you epic team once again!

In recent months, sheer has been everywhere as Bella Thorne and many more have embraced the naked dress and other looks of this ilk, with Shakira rocking an outfit fans were obsessed with just a few days ago. Clean lines and see-through looks are continuing to be on trend in 2023, and it looks to be a fashion idea with some staying power. 

Jessica Rawden
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