Julia Fox Wears Nothing But Belts, Boots And A Coat At Milan Fashion Week

While most people probably know Uncut Gems cast member Julia Fox because of her short-lived, early 2022 romance with Kanye West (which she later explained she did partially to “distract him” from his ex, Kim Kardashian), she’s since beefed up her online presence and become quite the woman about town. In fact, the actress has been making some waves with her fashion choices lately, and has now stepped out at Milan Fashion Week in nothing but belts, boots, and a coat.

What Did Julia Fox Wear To Milan Fashion Week?

While we’ve given you a small taste of her outfit in the photo above, rest assured that this is an ensemble you really need to see fully so that you can grasp any descriptors. So, let’s just take a better look at the lovely lady (who, not that long ago, made of dress of real leaves that left her booty hanging out) and how she showed up to Milan’s fashion week festivities on Wednesday night, shall we?

Julia Fox at Milan Fashion Week

(Image credit: Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

See? I told you you’d have to observe the full uniform in order to appreciate anything that came next. Aren’t you glad you listened to me?

OK, so what we have here is your classic “let’s turn some belts into a tube top and mini skirt” situation. HA! Just kidding! There’s nothing even remotely classic about these duds, and that’s why we can’t look away, right? Page Six notes that Ms. Fox is clad tip to toes in Diesel brand clothing, with all those belts being used to create the bulk of the garments that cover her most delicate bits. It’s wild, right? Pantashoes be damned!

On top, the star (who admitted that dating the “All of the Lights” rapper hurt her career) has three, relatively narrow, belts fashioned into a boob covering: one is a light, distressed denim, one a bright, lipsticky sort of red, and the other is a metallic silver with a buckle that holds the brand’s big “D” logo in a shimmery oval. On the bottom, there appear to be two much wider belts over black underwear. (Awww. Undies. How quaint!) One of those belts is a shiny black number, while the other one that sits lower is covered in a print that features overlapping photos of an open mouth, red lipstick and bright white teeth in full effect. 

The No Sudden Move star is also wearing heeled boots that come to slightly below her knees, a Diesel handbag in a similar gray-ish shade, and a big ol’, puffy black coat that would likely cover her from neck to ankles, had she actually worn it closed, as most people would during the winter. Such is the fashionable life, I suppose. Who’s taking the time to create apparel out of accessories and then hiding the result under a coat? No one. That’s who.

Ready for another view of her bikini-esque covering? Here ya go…

Julia Fox at Milan Fashion Week

(Image credit: Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

I tell you what, if anything this woman knows how to keep herself in the public eye with her frocks and fripperies after her whirlwind romance with the “Donda” rapper. It was just about a week ago that Fox turned up at New York Fashion Week in a number of surprising items, including carrying a handbag that was essentially a human-sized doll which looked a lot like, well, a kinkily-dressed dead body with flowing blonde locks. 

I could never (mostly because I'd rather not reach into by bag for lip balm and have to root around until I reach the crotch, or a fingertip, or, worse, the bottom of a boot). But wouldn't life be pretty boring if everyone thought that way? I say Julia Fox should keep doing the Lord’s work to entertain us.

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